Saturday, August 19, 2017


AiMeD welcomes govt’s move to cap prices of orthopaedic knee implants

While the Association of Indian Medical Device Industry (AiMeD) has expressed its support to the government's move to control the prices of knee implants, it has also demanded smooth transition for relabelling of these medical devices......


India produced foodgrains at record 275.68 million tonnes in 2016-17

The 4th Advance Estimates of production of major crops for 2016-17 have been released by the Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare on 16th August, 2017..............


NITI Aayog selects 3 States for transformative change in health &...

A Program Management Unit to push for efficiency and efficacy in governance structures and service delivery will now be available in the six chosen States for a period of 30 months......

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“Our chemical genetics process is far reliable than the GM approach”

Mentioned Dr Ram Sagar Misra, Professor of Chemistry, Shiv Nadar University who claims to have discovered a new non genetically modified process to increase crop yields in wheat by up to 50 percent..........