Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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Eliminating dengue by infecting mosquitoes with killer bacteria

Novel research involving the use of a naturally occurring bacteria which when present in Aedes aegypti mosquito reduces its ability to transmit dengue, holds immense promise as India prepares to begin trials..............


India signs vaccine development treaty with IVI, South Korea

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the Department of Health and Family Welfare of health ministry have signed an agreement with the International Vaccine Institute to support vaccine development in India..........


Health Secretary chairs national review of NHM

The health secretary, Mr C K Mishra while attending the review meeting of the National Health Mission has emphasized on the strengthening of peripheral health institutions, innovations, and new strategies.........


NITI Aayog selects 3 States for transformative change in health &...

A Program Management Unit to push for efficiency and efficacy in governance structures and service delivery will now be available in the six chosen States for a period of 30 months......

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“Our chemical genetics process is far reliable than the GM approach”

Mentioned Dr Ram Sagar Misra, Professor of Chemistry, Shiv Nadar University who claims to have discovered a new non genetically modified process to increase crop yields in wheat by up to 50 percent..........