Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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“Data-driven medicine will enable the discovery of new treatment options”

Mentioned Dr VL Ramprasad, Chief Executive Officer, Medgenome Labs in an exclusive interaction with the BioVoice where he shared his views on the future of innovation in biotechnology industry and much more. Read on:

New method for controlled-release makes cancer drugs less toxic

Researchers have developed a superstructure of cyclodextrin and polyurethane polymer that acts as a drug depot and releases a drug in a slow and controlled manner, increasing its efficiency...............

Pune based startup ‘Kozhnosys’ gets funding boost by BIRAC

A portable, breath-based screening tool for breast cancer developed by the company has enormous global potential for both financial and social impact................

World Earth Day: Finding creative connect with mother earth!

We probably never pause to feel and explore the connection that we have with Nature- the one who has created and who is within us, feels Anju Dave Vaish who organizes workshops to bring people closer to nature through art.............


Face to Face

“Agilent will continue to develop need based innovative technologies”

In an exclusive face to face interaction with the Bio Voice's Rahul Koul, the Country Manager of Agilent Technologies India, Mr Bharat Bhardwaj shared the details about the company's life sciences initiatives, latest product launches and future plans..............

Chat with BioVoice

“Future of healthcare requires new approaches & innovations”

In an exclusive interaction with the BioVoice, Mr Ravi Kaushik, Director – Diabetes, Medtronic India shared his views on the diabetes scenario in India, technologies developed by the company, and its other activities in the country. Read on..............