Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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ICT-Mumbai hosts 5 day workshop on biosimilar characterization

The workshop organized by the Institute of Chemical Technology in partnership with Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council witnessed extensive five-day training program, involving brainstorming lectures by esteemed keynote speakers............


IQVIA named to FORTUNE’s 2018 list of “world’s most admired companies”

The company was featured in the FORTUNE’s 'Healthcare: Pharmacy and Other Services' category with high marks in quality of management, value as a long-term investment, effectiveness in conducting business globally and wise use of corporate assets.........


Paras Healthcare, HEC to jointly set up 300 bed multi specialty...

This will be the eighth hospital by Paras Hospitals in the country, taking its overall capacity to 1305 beds under operation· Paras is looking at other North Indian cities also to provide quality healthcare at affordable prices.............


Milk production increased by 20.12% during 2016-17: Govt

Milk production, which was around 17-22 million tonnes in the 1960s, increased to 165.4 million tonnes in 2016-17. Per capita availability of milk increased from 307 grams in 2013-14 to 355 grams in 2016-17, registering a growth of 15.6%.....................


CSIR forges synergistic partnership with the Japanese universities

The Director-General of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Dr Girish Sahni, led a delegation to Japan for vitalizing CSIR's ongoing partnership with the Japanese universities and R&D organizations .............

Chat with BioVoice

“Regulatory framework for digital healthcare is a necessity in India”

Mentioned Margaret Faux, CEO, Synapse Medical Services, a regular contributor to Australia’s health reform debate who was recently in New Delhi to attend the second edition of Australia Business Week India 2017. Read her exclusive conversation with the BioVoice..............