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Will decide the fate of GM mustard in September, govt tells SC

Latest hearing on the genetically modified mustard in the Supreme Court of India has forced the union government to choose a definitive timeline for clearing its position on the issue...........

National Action Plan on Hepatitis C to be ready by end of 2017

The health minister, Mr J P Nadda has stated that government is committed to ensuring that there is no discrimination against Hepatitis patients..........

Govt says no shortage of essential drugs post introduction of GST

In all the cases of complaints on high prices, the concerned companies have been instructed to coordinate with the complainants and ensure supply of medicine to the complainants.........

A meeting for cancer survivors!

The week-long activities was concluded with a cultural program by cancer survivors titled ‘Sangeet se swasthya ki aur...........

Enhance awareness, action to eliminate hepatitis in South-East Asia Region

Despite hepatitis’ outsized burden, it is estimated that just one in ten people infected with the disease know their status........

Study reveals Lucknow most protein deficient at 90%, Delhi at 60%

73% of Indian diets are protein deficient; Indian vegetarian diets worst affected with 84% being protein deficient; while 65% of Indian non-vegetarian diets too suffer from protein deficiency.........

MTaI welcomes government’s move to establish MedTech Assessment Board

The MTAB (Medical Technology Assessment Board) is expected to optimize clinical effectiveness, cost effectiveness, and safety, social, ethical, and legal applications of healthcare interventions.......

Benefits of research outcomes must reach common man: govt

As per the union minister of state for science and technology, Mr Y S Chowdary, the government agencies under his ministry have launched many research programs for well-being of the common man across the country...........

New antibiotic delivery system could improve cancer treatment

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT-D) have used nanoconjugates - nanoparticle bound with molecules to render them with added biological features useful for the treatment of cancer..........

Govt granted Rs 48 crore worth scholarship to women scientists in 2016-17

On an average, per year about 400 women scientists are awarded financial support under Women Scientist Scheme. More than 7200 research papers too have been published by these awardees...........

Face to Face

“AI has the potential to revolutionize healthcare delivery”

Mentioned Dr Geetha Manjunath, CEO & CTO of Bangalore-based healthtech startup NIRAMAI in an exclusive interaction with BioVoice where she spoke about the artificial intelligence in healthcare and an innovative early breast cancer detection technology developed by her company...….

Chat with BioVoice

“FiRE will help identify rare cells involved in cancer drug resistance”

Mentioned Dr Debarka Sengupta in an exclusive interaction with the BioVoice, where he explained the idea and importance of FiRE, a novel algorithm that can detect rare cell types at a very fast speed developed by his team at the Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi...……….