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Govt launches viral load test for people living with HIV/AIDS

The initiative will provide free of cost viral load testing for 12 lakh patients on treatment in the country at least once a year................

BD appoints Pavan Mocherla as new MD for India & South Asia

With more than 25 years of experience across various industries, Pavan has held multiple positions and managed several projects in both emerging and developed markets...............

ICSB 2018: Experts from 19 nations deliberate on sustainable biofuels at Delhi

Advanced or second-generation biofuels produced from non-food biomass materials and specially grown high yielding plants or algae, if managed sustainably can contribute to significantly reduce emissions..............

Race for 7: Bangalore & Mumbai walk for rare diseases

Race for 7 which was simultaneously held in Bangalore and Mumbai in India (a smaller run was held in Jaipur). In addition, a Race for 7 was also held in Washington with a smaller event in South Carolina, a great example of a Make in India event going global.......

BIRAC supported low-cost, smart solution for diabetes care wins Aegis Graham Bell Award

The diabetes management solution developed by collaboration between Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham and IT major Wipro comprises of two low-cost, cloud-enabled devices: automated insulin pump and a glucometer................

Price control in healthcare is a misguided policy!

While the NPPA identified the presence of information asymmetry in the market that leads to high prices of drugs and devices, it could have looked at affordability and access in a holistic manner, writes Dr Ashish Bharadwaj..............

Can conventional genetic tests be considered reliable?

The alarming number of genetic abnormalities in children is an indication that it is about time for us in India to embrace NGS routine genetic testing, as it is a comprehensive test (can detect all types of genetic mutations), accurate, fast, and cost-effective...........

Industry should increase investments in agriculture sector: Vice President

As per Mr M Venkaiah Naidu, adding value to the farm produce is crucial for increasing farmers income and establishing agri-related industries....................

“Regional manufacturing facilities crucial for suppliers”

Mentioned Mr Devashish Ohri, Executive Vice President, Asia/Middle East, Africa (MEA), Avantor in an exclusive interaction with the Biovoice News, also provided insights into his company’s India operations. Read the detailed interview.................

Potent anti-obesity agent works in rats, find MSU researchers

A team of scientists at Maharaja Sayajirao University (MSU), Baroda have claimed success with a potent anti-obesity agent in studies done in laboratory animals.............

Face to Face

“AI has the potential to revolutionize healthcare delivery”

Mentioned Dr Geetha Manjunath, CEO & CTO of Bangalore-based healthtech startup NIRAMAI in an exclusive interaction with BioVoice where she spoke about the artificial intelligence in healthcare and an innovative early breast cancer detection technology developed by her company...….

Chat with BioVoice

“FiRE will help identify rare cells involved in cancer drug resistance”

Mentioned Dr Debarka Sengupta in an exclusive interaction with the BioVoice, where he explained the idea and importance of FiRE, a novel algorithm that can detect rare cell types at a very fast speed developed by his team at the Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi...……….