Asia’s first regenerative stem cells procedure to treat orthopaedic injuries

Regenexx, original stem cell patented procedure now available in Hyderabad, is used to treat joint injuries, spine pain and degenerative orthopaedic conditions, such as osteoarthritis and help avoid invasive surgery


Hyderabad: India now has the first ever state-of-the-art facility for expanded stem cell procedure using up to date imaging and advanced interventional orthopaedic techniques to non-surgically repair and regenerate.

The procedure is claimed to be offered for the first time in India and in Asia, the two different types of procedures that are quite unique – the first one is a same day procedure where stem cells are harvested, isolated and re-implanted on the same day. The second one is blood derived plasma rich platelet procedures.

The regenerative science in stem cell orthopaedics is supported by a strong data, backed by research. It is an evidence based procedure and this became the catalyst for Dr Movva, to pursue this medicine to help athletes and non-athletes to overcome early, mild, moderate ortho problems in a simple way to avoid surgery.

Dr.Venkatesh MovvaDr Venkatesh Movva, Managing Director and an expert in Regenexx® procedure on June 21 opened his RegenOrthoSport facility in Hyderabad. Founded 10 years ago in 2006 Regenexx is a group of 33 pioneering physicians mainly based in US and Australia. Together these physicians have done more than half of these procedures worldwide.

Talking about the procedure to treat orthopaedic injuries using patients’ own stem cells Dr. Movva, said “It is revolutionary”. We have seen tremendous clinical applications since last 10 years using stem cells to treat various orthopaedic conditions. There are immense possibilities what human bodies can do in regenerative capabilities. We are excited about Stem cells orthopaedic research. As a group Regenexx, we have done over 51% of the world research on orthopaedic regenerative technology.

Dr Venkatesh Movva, a well known Regenerative & Sports Medicine practioner, pioneering regenerative stem cell therapies helps numerous people worldwide. To date, he has performed multiple Regenerative Regenexx® procedures and has seen lifelong injuries heal themselves through this new technology.

Explaining the procedure Dr Movva said it is quite simple“We start the process of extracting stem cells from the bone marrow from the back of the hip, which is a big reservoir of stem cells,” “Then we harvestand isolate the cellswhich are processed in our laband we re-inject those cells back into that cartilage, ligament, tendon, joint (whatever the point of injury), under x-ray guidance or ultrasound guidance.”

Citing an example Dr Movva said a classic example is the case of knee osteoarthritis. The only option till now was total knee replacement. Now with this technology we can heal and regenerate the lost tissues like cartilage, meniscus and ligaments to reverse the arthritis and in turn avoid any major surgery. Patients return to their loved activities in no time. We could also treat conditions like lower back pain, hip arthritis, bulging discs, ankle and shoulder rotator cuff tears with stem cells orthopaedics procedure. Majority of these are lifestyle related conditions.

So who is a candidate for the procedure? 

If one is suffering from a joint injury, arthritis, spine pain, overuse condition or degenerative condition such as vascular necrosis, you may be a good candidate for these procedures.

The costs of the treatment are driven by the condition of the patient and the procedure involved after detailed consultation on treatment and its outcome.

Is there a legal issue?

Dr Movva says as we are using the patient’s own stem cells that are neither store nor preserved, so they can regenerate some of that cartilage, or tendon that’s been torn or worn out there are no legal issues.

As per Dr Movva, over 40,000 procedures have been performed using Regenexx® regenerative science since 2006 and the numbers continue to grow.