BD celebrates 70 years of its Vacutainer at Dialogue 2019 Leadership Summit

The event brought forth impactful insights garnered from like-minded, visionaries with a focus on quality and patient outcomes for advancing the world of health


New Delhi: Dialogue 2019 Leadership Summit organized by BD Life Sciences – Preanalytical Systems in India marked the success of 70 years of BD Vacutainer® worldwide. Considered as the gold standard in sample collection, the summit was attended by leading names from the industry.

The discussions held at the event brought forth impactful insights garnered from like-minded, visionaries with a focus on quality and patient outcomes for advancing the world of health.

A fragmented diagnostic sector in India demands accurate and reliable pathology laboratory results to enable doctors in providing evidence-based patient care and quality treatment. In this pursuit of excellence and quality, all the attendees expressed a well-rounded perspective of offering their best in serving the patients. They also acknowledged that the complicated industry requires strong cohesion between public and private partners to advance the world of health, together.

Present at the event were Dr A Velumani, founder and CMD, Thyrocare, Om Manchanda, CEO, Dr LalPath Labs, Dr Nandakumar Jairam, CEO, Columbia Asia Hospitals, Dr Vandana Jain, Head, Head – Accreditation of Medical Testing Laboratories, Dr Navin Dang, Founder, Dr Dang Labs, Sanjeev Vashishta, CEO, Pathkind, Dr Shubnum Singh, Director, Max Group of Hospitals and Healthcare Sector Skill Council Chairperson, Dr Sanjay Arora, Managing Director, Suburban Diagnostics and Girish Mehta, CEO, Eurofins.

Speaking about the legacy of BD Vacutainer, Pavan Mocherla, Managing Director, BD–India & South Asia, said “With our work in market development, innovation and commitment towards advancing healthcare and improving patient outcomes, we aim to maintain the gold standard created by BD Vacutainer. What might appear to be a simple plastic/glass tube, is an epitome of dedicated science, with years of expertise and experience packed into it. However, our work does not end there. Training of healthcare workers to manage sample collection optimally is invaluable for accurate diagnosis and treatment outcomes; hence, BD has been committed to capability building. Looking back at the 70 years of innovation and the road ahead excites me about the opportunity we have to shape the ever-evolving diagnostics industry in India.”

Seventy years ago, BD Vacutainer products helped transform the collection process, making it safer and more comfortable for patients and clinicians. Today, every second, 82 patients have specimens collected with BD Vacutainer products and continue to increase sample integrity and set a whole new standard in diagnostic accuracy.

Every day, people entrust their health to their doctors’ treatment decisions—decisions that are informed by a diagnostic result 70 percent of the time. But reliable results would not be possible without proper, safe specimen collection and management by healthcare professionals and the products they choose. The real challenge with specimen happens in the complex critical care settings (ICU & Emergency). BD continues to work with clinicians to increase reliability, accuracy, and integrity with their new specimen management solutions.

 A look at the history of Vacutainer

  • Joseph Kleiner changed the course of specimen collection by inventing and patenting (1949) a revolutionary way to collect blood – the new “Evacutainer”—which would come to be known as the BD Vacutainer blood collection tube

  • BD launched the complimentary range of multi sample straight needles (1968), BD Vacutainer urine collection tubes (1971) and BD Microtainer blood collection tubes for capillary collection (1977)

  • At the height of the HIV epidemic, BD continued to advance safety by launching the BD Hemogard safety-engineered cap (1988) and the BD Vacutainer Eclipse safety needle (1999) to prevent human contact with blood and Needle stick injuries.

  • BD is now focusing on improving outcomes through the launch of the first mechanical separator technology in BD Vacutainer Barricor plasma blood collection tubes (2016) & the PAXgene Blood ccfDNA Tube CE IVD (2016) for Prenatal and liquid biopsy testing.