“Being realistic about our capabilities, we always believe in partnerships”

Mentioned Ms Zoya Brar, Founder and Managing Director, Core Diagnostics in an exclusive interaction with the BioVoice, where she talked about latest initaitives and future outlook


Gurugram based CORE Diagnostics is a high end clinical laboratory that has brought latest cutting edge testing techniques in areas of molecular diagnostics, flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, histopathology, cytogenetics and cytopathology for patients in India.

The company founded by the young entrepreneur, Ms Zoya Brar in 2012, has made remarkable progress since last six years. In an exclusive interaction with the BioVoice, Zoya Brar, Founder and Managing Director, Core Diagnostics shared insights about the company’s latest activities. Read on:

What is the latest focus at Core Diagnostics? Please tells us about your latest collaboration with Promega Biotech and why was it required?

Zoya: To us, the most exciting thing currently is the microsatellite instability (MSI) testing. Given how advancements in cancer treatment and the way advances are progressing, it has got the attention with immunotherapy coming in. While the immunotherapy as buzzword has emerged only recently, we used to do the tests earlier too. It is just that we are receiving increased number of orders now due to these advancements in technology.

I think given that Promega’s technology is a gold standard in the area, we have partnered with them to bring it to the patients in India. That’s the most current collaboration and as we grow, we are open to do that again for any application where we can use their high-end systems.

How is the company doing in terms of revenue, performance and other areas?

Zoya: We are doing well and have been growing at an average of 60-65 percent in last couple of years. Currently we have been growing 7-8 percent month on month. So, I can only say that our investors are much happy.

We obviously continue to be primarily in oncology but we have aspirations to move into other areas as well shortly.

Could you please specify which other areas do you plan to venture into?

Zoya:Yes, Sure. The neurology, cardiology and genetics are lesser explored areas. We have some offerings in Gynecology but we want to expand in the area.
Infectious diseases is also an area where we have some offerings but we plan to expand, more on ‘point of care’ side.

Since you are planning to diversify, will you collaborate with the other companies for that as in the past or you will go on your own?

Zoya: We always believe in partnerships. I think that is one thing that has kept us different from the competitors because we don’t either feel the need or believe that we are good at everything. We are realistic about our own capabilities and hence having partners such as Promega is very helpful to get started. And in this case, they are providing the technology which we can never do on our own. They are providing it and its know how and we are doing services. Collaborations with renowned technology providers like these will be absolutely productive for us to go further to achieve growth but the collaborations with others who provide services too are also open for us.

Are you planning to do another round of fund raiser for the company any sooner?

That is the question I am asked more often by journalists (smiles…).

Well we are a startup and always looking look at growing constantly. While we are currently not looking at fund raising yet if there is a good investor, we will be certainly open to talk.