Bihar as a global medical tourism hub: Paras Hospital & UK Asian Business Council discuss possiblities

Paras Hospital and UK Asian Business Council highlighted the real possibility of making Bihar a hub for medical tourism for people of Korea, Japan, Taiwan etc and the need for a super speciality hospital in Gaya. Bihar Tourism Minister assured all the support from the government


Patna: With a strategic view to tap the foreign tourist inflow in Bihar for medical tourism purpose, the UK Asian Business Council (UKABC) conducted an event on behalf of Paras Healthcare to take tourism in Bihar to a higher level and highlighted the need for state government and Paras to work together to make that happen. Paras opened the first super speciality hospital in the city and another one in Patna.

Dr Sarfraz Ashraf, Vice President-UKABC and an associate of the Executive Management of Paras Hospitals, said that the private healthcare provider has been in Bihar for 10 years and is committed to serve the people of the state in a larger capacity and scale.

He highlighted to the Tourism Minister of Bihar Mr Pramod Kumar, along with his senior colleagues in the ministry who were present, the need for a super specialty hospital in Gaya which sees a steady flow of foreign tourists and is home to people who may require these medical services.

“On behalf of Paras and UKABC, I would propose that a super specialty hospital be considered for Gaya. Attractive to tourists and home to diverse people, we hope to facilitate good health to those who come for spiritual and religious healing. The UKABC considers it important that the Bihar government gives us the opportunity to work with them and rebrand the kind of tourism that comes to Bihar,” he said. Dr Ashraf has been actively working for greater participation and coordination between Indian and British businesses.

He also spoke about how Paras provides affordable healthcare to masses with latest technology and makes a difference to the lives of the people in Bihar.

Director of Tourism in Bihar Mr Ashok Singh was also present in the event.

Mr Pramod Kumar assured of support from the state government to Paras and spoke about the possibility of Bihar becoming an important centre for medical tourism for people in foreign countries like Sri Lanka, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Myanmar and Bhutan.

Mr Ruth Cadbury, Member Of Parliament, admired the work done by Paras in the state. Miss Dame Usha Khemka, only the fourth Indian woman to be knighted by the Queen of England, spoke on the need to bring about change on the ground in Bihar. She hails from Bihar.

UKABC Chairman Mr Taha Coburn-Kutay, UKABC President Mr Junaid Ahmed, UKABC (Europe) Vice President Mr Sudeep Sakalle were also present at the event.

According to Dr Dharminder Nagar, “Paras Healthcare is always focused on providing affordable, accessible and quality healthcare services to the common man. It shall be our honour to associate with the Bihar Tourism ministry and ensure that Bihar comes up as the next medical tourism destination. The state has exceptional untapped talent, resources and history that needs appreciation.”