BioNEST Incubator at Dr Moopen’s Medical College to support healthcare startups

Dr Moopen’s Medical College (DMMC) is the only medical college in Kerala and fourth in India to be part of this incubation program

New Delhi: Dr Moopen’s Medical College (previously known as DM Wayanad Institute of Medical Sciences) has received approval from Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) to set-up incubation facility under Bioincubators Nurturing Entrepreneurship for Scaling Technologies (BioNEST) Scheme.
BioNEST is a dedicated scheme supported by the BIRAC to create globally competent bioincubation facilities to undertake strategic research and innovation. Being part of the BIRAC family, Dr. Moopen’s Medical College was invited to set-up a booth at the biotech community congregation “Biotech Start-up Expo” held at Pragati Maida, New Delhi on June 9 and 10, 2022.
Dr. Moopen’s Medical College & BioNEST will focus on healthcare technologies involving Biotech, Biomed, Internet of Things (IoT) & Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Health, Healthcare Economics/Management, Blockchain & Bioinformatics.
At present indigenous healthcare technology is lacking in the country and many products are being imported. As per recent estimate, India imports nearly 80% of its medical devices and remains highly dependent on imports for many high-end medical equipment. Many imported technologies are not customized for Indian population and therefore not suitable to be used directly.
Speaking at the momentous announcement Dr. Azad Moopen, Founder Chairman and Managing Director of Aster DM Healthcare said, “We are in the midst of an era of great innovation, with an ever-expanding healthcare modality, spawning development of exciting new technologies and therapies. Today’s ecosystem for innovation is vibrant with symbiotic relationships between Industry & Academia, backed by government support. There is opportunity for many of the start-ups to utilize the platform and foster bio-entrepreneurship. The DMMC BioNest Incubator will inculcate research and innovation for translating innovations into commercial products and technologies and reduce lab to market time, helping the start-ups to be on their own feet.”
“The program will provide a platform to young aspirants from medical, engineering, pharma, veterinary, biotech background and start-ups oriented towards healthcare technology to collaborate for Incubator Mentorship and Co-Development & Training with centers within Kerala and outside,” he added.
As Dr Moopen’s Medical College is located in an underdeveloped district of Kerala called Wayanad which has 20% tribal population and limited healthcare facilities, the program also aims to support regional development by providing better healthcare and educational opportunities and nurturing young talents for technology development.”
The incubator is equipped with DSIR2 recognised Biomedical Research Laboratory with specialised facilities & Small Animal Laboratory and is supported by Hospital Information System, Laboratory
Information System, PACS, Digital Health Databank and Clinical Simulation Lab. A space of 11,000 square feet has been dedicated for incubation. The expected project cost is Rs. 6.5 Crores.
In Phase 1 (3 years) DMMC BioNEST plans to support 10 Start Ups as physical incubates, 5 – 10 Start Ups as Virtual Incubatees and 3 Start Ups from the BIRAC network for field validation every year in the areas of Digital Health, Healthcare & Biomedical Technology development. It is anticipated that at least 30 start-ups will get successfully incubated in the BioNEST and few of them graduate as successful exits with indigenously developed innovative technologies at the end of Phase 1.
With the industry coming on board collectively to set-up the bioincubation center, the tide continues to be favorable to the Indian healthcare ecosystem. The current industry partners for this initiative are Aster DM Healthcare, Agappe Diagnostics, Applied Materials, Motherson, Intel Pixel – Fuji Film, and CARPL.