Biovet invests Rs 200 Cr to expand FMD, Brucellosis vaccine business

The new investment at its existing site in Malur, Karnataka will not only increase the current vaccine manufacturing capacity from 200 to 500 million doses, but it will also make Biovet as the largest FMD manufacturer in the world


Bengaluru: Buoyed by Government of India’s emphasis on animal health with a greater push to control, and eradicate Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) and Brucellosis in animals, Biovet, has embarked on a major expansion plan to create world’s largest FMD vaccine facilities in Malur, Karnataka.

The biggest benefactor of Biovet plan to increase its vaccine delivery, multiple animal vaccines testing and challenge studies in Malur are small farmers, whose livelihood depend on cattle, and dairy farming; when agriculture farming becomes difficult for them.

Revealing the details, Dr Krishna Ella, Founder and Promoter of Biovet said: “Expansion of our FMD vaccine facilities to deliver 200 million doses is an important step to increase our contribution to meet the shortage of this vaccine in the country.  We are also excited to announce construction of a new State-of-Art Brucella Vaccine Production facility at the Malur site is underway to produce 100 million doses of Brucella vaccine per year.”

“Our plant is the first BSL-3PlusAg production facility established in Asia and 2nd in the world,” Dr. Panduranga Rao, Vice President of Biovet said. Our independent production lines for 3 separate serotype FMD viruses, on completion will be the first of its kind in the world. Further, the new facility for Brucella Vaccines will place Biovet, as the world’s largest manufacturer of this vaccine.” Rao added.

Biovet is a Technology driven company with several new products in the pipeline, Dr B Y Sridhara, General Manager, Biovet said: We have a world-class BSL-3 containment facility for advanced, research, animal testing and challenge studies in Malur. We are also introducing the latest technologies like High Dense Cell Cultures and Perfusion Technology, Hollow Fiber Technology, along with monitoring the production using Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems to fortify our global quality and audit practices, Sridhara added.

According to estimates, India’s Foot and Mouth Disease control program requires 1000 million doses each year, whereas the current production capacity manufactured in the country is around 500 million doses.  There is an unmet need for 500 million doses, and Biovet aims to fulfill this gap through the planned expansion.

Biovet already has license to produce,

  • Hemorrhagic Septicaemia vaccine for cattle and buffaloes

  • Enterotoxaemia vaccine for sheep and goats

  • Black quarter vaccine for cattle and buffaloes

Biovet said its investments would provide jobs in construction and create “new employment opportunities” in Malur.