BioVoice eMag May 2017 Issue-12 Volume-1


BioVoice eMag May 2017 Issue-12 Volume-1:

The startup special ‘May 2017’ edition of BioVoice eMagazine includes the cover story, ‘THE STARTUP FACTOR’, that looks at the importance of startups in expanding the bioscience sector. The ‘Face to Face’ section features an exclusive interview of Dr Taslimarif Saiyed, Director & COO, C-CAMP, Bangalore, where he shares insights on the startup ecosystem in India. Read the brand new ‘SPECIAL STARTUP SERIES’ featuring two fresh startup stories. The ‘BioChat’ has Dr Vijay Chandru of Strand Life Sciences talking about the new innovations by his company. The SPECIAL INTERVIEW features Dr Ram Sagar Misra, the researcher who claims to have discovered a non-GM approach to increase crop yield. Explore the power packed edition.

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