BioVoice eMagazine April 2023 | Issue 4 | Volume 4

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The Cover Story Healthcare 3.0 Evolving Landscape of Digital Health examines the digital healthcare story in India so far with insights into market scenario, challenges, and outlook. The comments from experts focus on how digital technologies within the ambit of healthcare are witnessing a big surge, leading to the evolution of an array of solutions.
Experts Insights 
♦ Binu Rajendran Chandrika, Global Business Head- MedTech, Quest Global shares his thoughts on the emerging trends in smart healthcare and digital innovations in 2023.
♦ Senu Sam, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mykare Health shares his insights on evolution of digital health in India, innovation of new technologies and their role in making patient care accessible
Medical Research
Reevaluating flawed papers critical for public trust in medical research
Story emphasizes how errors can be prevented from reoccurring by requiring publication of study data via replication and reevaluation studies.
Special Interview
♦ Pankaj Joshi, Director, Merck Life Science shares his views on the company’s latest initiatives, technology trends, future outlook and much more
Key to Food Security: Incentivizing Agri-Seed R&D
Read why a robust seed system for agriculture is of fundamental importance to the health of the nation.
Agri Policy
Miracle Grains: The Crops of the Future
Read how India’s growing focus on millets across levels and regions has given a new flip to farmers.
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