Biovoice launches biggest online ‘Biotech Student Survey 2016-17’

The survey aims to collect the genuine opinions of the biotechnology students in India and create a status report based on it for the policymakers as well as other stakeholders


New Delhi: The successful foundation of any industry is based on the human resources and the skill sets they possess. Bioscience sector is no different! While there is no dearth of government and private educational institutes in India, the industry still isn’t satisfied with the quality and expertise required by it. Therefore, there seems to be wide gap between the demand and expectations.

Keeping this in view, the BioVoice News Team decided to undertake a big online survey for the biotech students. The objective is to get the first-hand information from the ground zero. This is for the first time, such an exercise with easy feedback format is being conducted in the online space. One may ask why students and even why online? The initiative is driven by the need to bridge the whatever gaps exist within education system. This cannot be possible without direct feedback from the students. Given the feasibility of web survey’s quick and hassle free format, it was chosen for the current exercise.

 Get Heard! Participate in the BioVoice Biotech Student Survey

Our students are the building blocks of the sector. They are tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, CEOs, professors, government officials and leaders. Their opinion can bring to fore the hidden messages and churn out what might have been ignored so far. Hence, we expect the participation of maximum number of students in India and abroad. Let’s make this survey a success by sharing it on all the social media platforms and spread the word around.

The first edition of this annual survey is open until the first week of March, 2017. Any comments on the survey are well appreciated and could be sent to [email protected] Since the survey data will be used to prepare a report that will feature student opinion articles as well as analysis on the education sector, you may contact the Editor at [email protected] for any editorial interest.