Brisbane to host 13th Indo-Australian biotech event in October

Themed 'OMICS in HEALTH', the joint conference on Indian and Australian biotech efforts would be held at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane on 30th -31st October 2017

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New Delhi: The 13th Indo-Australian Biotechnology Conference is scheduled to be held at the  Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane from 30-31 October 2017.
The conference with an overarching theme of ‘OMICS in HEALTH’ will focus on the application of large scale Omics techniques towards answering fundamental questions in biology as well as the route to clinical and translational research.

The Indo-Australian Biotechnology Conference was initiated in 2004 and is now held under the aegis of the Indo-Australian Biotechnology Society. It continues to be a significant platform for dialogue between Australian and Indian biomedical communities for developing collaborative linkages.

Both Australia and India have major scientific advancement in these fields and there is tremendous scope to examine ways in which the latest developments in high-throughput genomics, proteomics and/or metabolomics in two countries can be synchronised and can be clinically translated. 
Complex diseases such as cancer, neuronal and immunological disorders involve a sequence of gene-environment interactions in a progressive process that cannot occur without dysfunction in multiple systems. This might include disruption of the genetic, proteomic, metabolic and immune functions. The advancement in technology has enabled the dissection of the mechanistic of disease initiation and progression at macro to micro levels.
In the above context, the meeting will bring elite researchers from Australia and India to share cutting edge research and showcase advancements in high-throughput research. It is a significant opportunity to interact with colleagues and foster new collaborations, through invited talks, poster presentations and networking events.