CDRI Lucknow holds skill development program

A batch of certificate course on computational approaches to drug design and development has just been completed at the institute as a part of its skilling initiative


New Delhi: Lucknow based Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) affiliated to the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has successfully conducted a “Certificate course on Computational Approaches to Drug Design and Development” and as a result, six participants were awarded certificates.

At present CDRI offers six certificate courses of level III to VII under the CSIR-CDRI, Skill Development Program. Skill India is an initiative launched to empower the youth of our country with skill sets which make them more employable and more productive in their work environment.

Skill shortage remains one of the major constraints to the continued growth of the Indian economy.  As per CDRI management, it is trying to address this knowledge-gap by professionally training the youth through its courses that will meet the aspirations of students, young researchers and industry-sponsored personnel looking for training and will provide an opportunity for skill development and hands-on experience in the chosen area.

CDRI is a unique research and development institution in the country with state of the art infrastructure for new drug discovery and development from “Concept to Commercialization”. While focusing on the discovery and development of drugs, the institute is aligned and contributing towards the national mission’s programs including Skill India.