CDRI Lucknow to hold its 7th Int’l drug discovery symposium in Feb 2019

The '7th International Symposium on Current Trends in Drug Discovery Research' being held on 20-23rd february next year at Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI), Lucknow will be joined by experts across globe who will deliberate over various drug discovery areas


New Delhi: The 7th International Symposium on Current Trends in Drug Discovery Research ‘CTDDR-2019’ is all set to be organized from 20th to 23rd February, 2019 at Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)’s institute, the Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI), Lucknow.

Held at CSIR-CDRI in every third year, this prestigious International Symposium will be attended by many top experts and scientists across globe including Australia and USA.

CTDDR-2019 will address cutting-edge advances in drug discovery and development for infectious diseases (malaria, leishmania & microbial infections), life style disorders (CNS & CVS-metabolic disorders), cancer and bone health. There will be separate sessions for medicinal chemistry and natural products for therapeutics.

The four-day event will include plenary and invited lectures, flash talks and posters by a number of international/ national scientists featuring investigational biology, clinical aspects, and translational biomedical research.

CTDDR-2019 is expected to address cutting-edge advances in drug discovery and development. It will provide a common platform for assessment of the challenges associated with drug design and development in the areas such as om concept to point-of-care, Malaria target discovery and drug design, Problems of Leishmania therapeutics and new approaches, Countering multi-drug resistance in bacterial infections including tuberculosis and Natural product chemistry for new leads.

Other topics include Synthetic medicinal chemistry for drug discovery, Biosimilars, biobetters and drug delivery systems, Bone biology and skeletal targets, Interventions for CNS disorders, Cancer biology and overcoming resistance and Translational research on the cardiovascular-metabolic axis.

Young researcher will get the opportunity to interact with stalwarts of their research area and can present their research work as Posters and flash talks (5 min talks selected from abstracts) in front of them and get the opportunity to discuss the future ventures.

The details of the event can be found on the CDRI website.