Clove Dental offers new year gift to crooked teeth patients

India’s leading dental chain has come up with special offers for its just-launched invisible Aligners, a highly innovative alternative to existing metal braces


New Delhi: Strange it may sound but have you heard about a lady in Hyderabad getting divorced due to crooked teeth or a girl having break-up because of the unsightly braces which hurt her boyfriend? Generally taken as a small issue in the daily course of life, the crooked teeth played a big havoc in personal and professional lives of these people in both the cases.

India’s leading dental chain, Clove Dental is keeping pace with the best and the most recent in the world and has just announced the launch of their first ever invisible Aligners under the brand name, Clove InvisiBraces. Time for crooked teeth patients to make a fresh start with their improved looks and newly gained confidence during the year, 2020.

India’s increasingly young population is fast becoming smarter with decisions when it comes to health and lifestyle. Since they are constantly looking for new innovations, the unique products like ‘InvisiBraces’ would fit naturally among their choices because they come without any brackets or wires.

Custom designed InvisiBraces help patients to do away with the lengthy procedure to fix brackets. By using the product, patients have to no longer bear the acid etching of teeth to fix braces, or the repeated fixing of brackets due to failure besides repeated change of wires and elastics. The problem of multiple impressions and unnecessary visits to dentist also gets resolved.  With such a revolutionary product, those feeling under-confident in their personal and professional life should cheer up.

Manufactured by using latest European technology, InvisiBraces are made from world’s highest quality Aligner material with fabrication done under care of Orthodontists. The price of this unique dental product is very much affordable as compared to competition in market. InvisiBraces have been launched at a very special introductory discount and patients can call on 1800120003232 for more details.

Providing a peek into the product, Dr Anirudh Singh, Orthodontist, Clove Dental, says, “Aligners are highly advanced as compared to metal braces and patient would need to use them for less time as compared to traditional Braces. They are easy to use as patient can fit and remove himself.”

For those who are hearing about Aligners for the first time, these are the new modern-age braces made of high food grade plastics approved by the regulatory authorities. These are much different from traditional braces as they are transparent and very easy to use, comfortable and doesn’t affect social life. These are virtually invisible, which is a marvel of science as they fulfil the need of the hour of every age group.

Among the numerous benefits of invisible Aligners are that these are removable and therefore does not cause any hinderance while eating. Moreover, all the trays come with the product in advance and there is no problem for patients in switching the city if required. With right guidance at Clove Dental clinics, patients can use InvisiBraces easily and without any hesitation. The availability of innovative solutions like these ensure that nobody should feel hopeless about their problem of crooked teeth or hold back their smile ever.