Correct insulin injection technique is key to better diabetes management: Experts

An awareness campaign on safe insulin injection practices, organized by BD-India on Insulin Injection Day

Dr Balamurugan Ramanathan emphasising on the right insulin injection technique on insulin injection day organized by BD- India.

New Delhi: Insulin therapy is often a crucial part of diabetes management. Type 2 diabetes patients ultimately require insulin therapy in the course of the disease for effective glycemic control and injection technique remains crucial in the process. To enhance awareness on safe insulin injection practices, a multi-city educational campaign was organized by BD-India with leading endocrinologists on Insulin Injection Day. Insulin Injection Day commemorates the 98th anniversary of the first successful insulin administration on 11th January 1922, at Toronto General Hospital, Canada.

Dr K Venu Gopal Reddy, Director – V. G. R. Diabetes Specialities Hospital, Vijaywada said, “It is important for patients living with diabetes to have proper knowledge about their condition and guidelines on correct usage of insulin injection. I extend my support to Insulin Injection Day awareness campaign led by BD in India which can help patients to learn the right techniques and manage their condition well.”

Added Dr Arun Vadavi, Diabetologist, Sudha-The Prevention Centre, Bangalore, “Knowing the right technique for insulin injection is a critical factor in managing diabetes and can improve the injection experience for people living with diabetes. With awareness campaign led by BD on right injection techniques for insulin, I believe people will be better informed on appropriate injection and avoid complications during their therapy.”

Highlighting the need for such awareness campaigns Pavan Mocherla, Managing Director-BD India & South Asia said, “Insulin therapy is a crucial part of diabetes management. We at BD, understand the importance of right insulin injection techniques for a patient living with diabetes. BD has been a leader in diabetes injection devices for more than 90 years now and Insulin Injection Day is a perfect occasion for us to encourage talking about the best practices in managing insulin therapy for better outcomes.”

The experts also emphasized that an incorrect insulin injection technique could lead to lipohypertrophy, which is a thickened, rubbery swelling under the skin at the patient’s usual injection sites. Lipohypertrophy can lead to poor glycaemic control, hypoglycemia and glycaemic variability.