COVCUR ensures oral hygiene in Covid appropriate behaviour

Mumbai based nanotech scientist develops world’s first nano-curcumin oral spray proven for prophylactic protection against Covid-19 causing corona viruses

New Delhi: Saliva is the hot bed of covid-19, with active sites of infection, greater viral burden and serve as a vector to infect other vital organs. Viral loads in saliva are reported higher than standard nasopharyngeal swabs. Recent clinical evidence shows that patients who tested negative by NP/OP swab, if saliva was tested, the per cent positivity increases to 95%. Therefore a negative RT-PCR result does not rule out SARS-CoV-2 infection as the sample was extracted nasopharyngs. Emergence of viral variants that are no longer detectable by certain diagnostic tests is a real possibility due to the fact that the virus is constantly mutating, which had already led to devastating second wave.
Despite compelling scientific evidence and devastating second wave, there is no Oral Hygiene measure in Covid Appropriate Behaviour (CAB) protocols especially for festival gathering, offices, schools and flight bubbles. Oral hygiene protocol in preventing SARS-CoV-2 infection and transmission is critical for combatting COVID-19 caused by numerous circulating and emerging viral variants.
Globally touted as an anti-viral super food, widely consumed during COVID-19 pandemic across the world, Curcumin is a promising polyphenol group of food molecules prevent the corona infection to management of Covid-19. With COVCUR innovation, it has now assumed the significance to ensure Oral Hygiene, which is indispensable for prophylactic CAB measures in these corona times to prevent the much anticipated third wave.
COVCUR is the world’s first proven Covid-19 inhibitor exclusively designed and developed for kids and children, which has been tested its efficacy against Covid-19 causing SARS-COV-2 Corona viruses by National Immunogenicity Biologics Centre under National Biopharma Mission Govt of India. Research studies demonstrates Nano-Curcumin blocks virus entry into cells by prohibiting spike protein via binding the ACE II receptor on the epithelial cell membrane surface. COVCUR protects children and toddlers from circulating variants owing to its binding to host cell receptors thereby blocking entry to the corona viruses.
The product has been innovated by Dr. Vijay Kanuru, a Cambridge, Cornell and Stanford educated Nano Scientist turned entrepreneur and currently Founding Director of Oncocur India that operates from Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru.
Since there is no vaccine, children are becoming asymptomatic carriers as well as incubators for new variants, which could pose a serious risk to senior citizens back at home.  Multi-layered Covid Appropriate Behavior mitigation strategies should be devised for the school children with a strong focus on curbing oral transmission. Ensuring Mask compliance and enforcing social distance in schools would be challenging as masking leads to bad breath and discomfort. Safer and tested nutraceutic functional food based COVCUR oral spray would be ideal protocol for kids, which are suitable for daily use. Therefore it’s a great confidence building measure to parents to send their kids to schools.
Ideal for pregnant women, patients with poor absorption or dysphagia or consumers with lack of comfort in carrying pills around, these nano-curcumin filled spray products are truly the most convenient way of getting nano-curcumin for oral hygiene. COVCUR  mouth spray is an easy to use oral spray that forms a protective active nano barrier on the mucous membrane in the throat to prevent viruses from infecting cells in the throat. COVCUR mouth spray also helps shorten the duration and severity of symptoms, if initiated at an early stage of the viral infection
Flight travel is a major way in which corona virus variants can spread, putting not just passengers and airport staff at high risk but also jeopardize efforts of respective governments in curbing Covid-19. COVUR oral spray barrier solution is an indispensable tool for Covid appropriate behaviour (CAB) whether opening of schools or doing away masks or flight bubbles. COVCUR plays a pivotal role in protecting passengers and cabin crew in flight bubbles and building trust among entire stakeholders of the aviation ecosystem.
COVCUR oral spray is a smart CAB measure to ensure the safety at work places as masks and social distancing compliance would be impossible to ensure at offices especially in India. It improve the general hygiene of the enclosed space and air conditioned offices as it greatly contributes oral hygiene. Oral spray would become a multipurpose covid protection indispensable during the transition to mask free world.
Droplets from mouth are the major route of covid-19 transmission, therefore oral prophylactic measures would be of paramount importance to prevent the infections for high population density settings and enclosed spaces such as work places, travel, places of learning and worship. Therefore Oral Hygiene measure should be included in the Covid Appropriate Behavior policy protocol along with mask & hand hygiene to prevent anticipated third wave.
COVCUR is an innovative  antiviral platform based on super food curucmin powered by nanobiotechnologies, which is effective, scalable, affordable, palatable, convenient, sustainable for Make In India goals to implement in schools, child and women neo-natal care initiatives.  The project falls under Govt of India’s policy objectives of primary healthcare, education and enables early resumption of schools both at local and on pan India level. It is suitable for mass scale deployment, benefits farmers and self-reliance goals of Atmanirbhar and  Samrudha Bharat.
COVCUR oral spray barrier solution is a safe, suitable for daily use and convenient for users of all age groups. Therefore it is a indispensable and pivotal buffer tool in first few months when we decide to do away with the masks and social distancing in limping back to normal life.
“Oral salivary  droplets  can be very  infectious as compared to nasal exhalation. COVCUR nano-curcumin oral spray may be used as a prophylactic measure to protect/safeguard from Covid-19 infection at hospitals, offices and schools, flights that may prevent the anticipated third wave. As it is a very well-known fact that curcumin can be virucidal at specific concentrations. An elaborate research is on.  We are conducting clinical trials to evaluate how it can help in reducing viral load in severe Covid-19  patients, be it hospital or home,” said Dr Shesha Prasad MDS (Gold Medalist), PhD, Oral Medicine and Radiology, Sri Krishna Sevashram Hospital, Bengaluru.
“I have received the spray and using it for personal use, as it has prophylactic implications before any dental procedures to be done in clinic settings, ease of usage  also will be better off than using povidone iodine if it falls in line with expected outcome. Oral spray hold promise for future as an potential potent agent to reduce viral load , perhaps including SARS CoV in dental HCF,” said Dr Deepak Bhargava, Professor & Head, Dept of Oral Pathology & Microbiology, School of Dental Sciences Sharda University Greater Noida UP.
“We propose further testing of this spray in COVID-19 patients to reduce the SARS CoV-2 viral load in hospitalized patients as well as patients under home-care, and reduce related complications,” said Dr. Priyanka Kapoor MDS ( Orthodontics, AIIMS), Professor,  Dept. of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics, Jamia Milia Central University, Delhi.
“Covcur nano curcumin drops is one of the best preventative remedy for COVID like virus infection, easy to administer for all age particularly Paediatric as there is no vaccine or preventive measure infants and toddlers,” said Dr. Shriram Inamdar, Palliative Oncologist, Sahyadri hospitals, Pune.
WHO studies reveals that the evolution of corona variants continue to emerge and covid-19 turning into an endemic like other seasonal flu and here to stay in the human habitat. Hence Covid-19 is no longer merely a pandemic or influenza as it is causing both acute attacks (induces heart & brain strokes) as well as chronic illness (lungs & kidney organ damage). Therefore Covid-19 causing  SARS-COV-2 variants continue to disrupt the resumption of normal life for a few more years at least.