CSIR-CDRI and Cipla signed an agreement for collaboration to develop new drugs

CSIR-CDRI and Cipla's public-private-partnership for research and development is expected to pave the way for new innovative drugs


New Delhi: The Central Drugs Research Institute (CDRI) Lucknow, a constituent laboratory of Council for Scientific and Industrial Research and Cipla Limited, an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company, recently signed an agreement for collaboration to jointly develop new drugs for treating various medical conditions and repurposing of drugs for India and global markets.

On this occasion, Dr Tapas K Kundu, Director, CDRI said, “This is a great moment for CSIR-CDRI, the premiere drug development and research institute of the country to establish a collaboration for the affordable healthcare programme and repurposing of drugs not only for India but also for the global markets in collaboration and active participation from Cipla. In my view, this is one of the unique efforts of a government institution and of a pharmaceutical industry which de novo generated from this soil and spread all over the world for affordable healthcare for human beings.”

Dr Y K Hamied from Cipla said, “Cipla’s association with CSIR and CDRI has been ongoing since 1942 and Cipla has benefited over the years from the expertise developed at the labs of CDRI and IICT. Two stalwarts of the CSIR with whom Cipla has been closely associated in the past have been Dr Nitya Anand and Dr AV Rama Rao. Now Cipla and CDRI, under the auspices of CSIR are embarking on a futuristic program for the development of newer drugs not only for India but globally. Hopefully, the results of this collaboration will be forthcoming soon. This is an outstanding example between public and private partnerships for research and development, leading to the country’s progress.”