DocExa by GlobalSpace Technologies launched at DigiPharmaX Awards 2017

As per its creators, the DocExa helps create a transparent engagement between the doctor and pharmaceutical communities, while adhering to the Government regulations and guidelines like UCPMP

Mr Krishna Singh, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, GlobalSpace Technologies.

Mumbai: DocExa, an exclusive digital platform developed using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help doctors efficiently manage their patients and other engagements, was launched recently during DigiPharmaX (Digital Pharma Excellence) Awards 2017 at Mumbai.

As per the GlobalSpace Technologies, the developer of the DocExa, it leverages artificial intelligence, cloud and mobility technology to empower doctor, patients and pharma companies for meaningful and transparent engagement. It helps create a transparent engagement between the doctor and pharmaceutical communities while adhering to the government regulations and guidelines like Uniform Code of Pharma Marketing Practices (UCPMP), claims the company.

Additionally, doctors can file ADR through DocExa which provides real-time access of adverse drug reactions reports to Pharmaceutical companies and helps them to improve the quality of drugs. Doctors can also avail medico-legal consulting from a team of trusted, verified and reputed Legal Advisors, with the help of just a click or a tap.

Built on latest AI algorithms, the app is cross-platform and can be accessed through a smart- phone or a tab at any time and pace.

Today 60 percent of India’s population lies in tier two or three states. With greater penetration of mobility and growing number of internet users in rural India, pharmaceutical companies will be able to expand their reach to connect with increasing number of doctors through the DocExa platform.

Leveraging technology, Doctors based in rural areas will be able to stay updated with the latest medical advancements and drug brands in the market, creating a win-win for the entire industry.

Speaking on the launch, Mr Krishna Singh, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, GlobalSpace Technologies said, “DocExa is the industry’s first AI driven Doctor-Pharmaceutical-Patient Connect Platform. In India, still the Doctor- Patient ratio is abysmally low at 1:1700. In its evolved form Docexa can enable Doctors to carry out differential diagnostics & help more number of patients, efficiently.

He further added, “DocExa is a step forward towards digital India and by digitally connecting the critical  stakeholders of healthcare ecosystem, irrespective of their location, can access the most advanced health care services through technology. With the help of DocExa, we plan to connect over half a million doctors and 10 million patients by 2019.”