Dr Reddy’s Labs launches generic Azacitidine for injection in the Canadian market

As per Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, this launch represents its commitment to make affordable injectable drugs available in Canada


Hyderabad: Dr Reddy’s Laboratories is pleased to announce that generic Azacitidine for injection 100 mg/vial, a bioequivalent generic version of VIDAZA (azacitidine for injection), is approved by Health Canada.

“Bringing Azacitidine for Injection to the Canadian market at this time is very important for us, as well as for our customers and their patients,” says Alok Sonig, Executive Vice President and Head of the North America Generics business at Dr Reddy’s. “This launch represents Dr Reddy’s commitment to make affordable injectable drugs available in Canada.”

Dr Reddy’s is first to market with this Azacitidine for injection in Canada.

Dr Vinod Ramachandran, Country Manager, Dr Reddy’s Canada says that “The approval and launch of Azacitidine for injection is an important milestone for Dr Reddy’s in Canada. The launch of first generic Azacitidine for injection is another step in our long-term commitment to bring more cost-effective options to Canadian patients.”

VIDAZA is a trademark of Celgene.