Fatigue panel test from Strand Life Sciences screens risk factors

An individual’s understanding of health risks is the key to make one’s healthcare decisions and the Fatigue Panel does just that


New Delhi: Fatigue is a growing concern for individuals of all ages today. It could be not only due to low blood count but also because of various reasons like-thyroid, blood pressure or hormonal imbalances. On the occasion of World Health Day, we visited Strand Life Sciences’ state of the art laboratory which offers the Fatigue Panel Test. An individual’s understanding of health risks is the key to make one’s healthcare decisions and the Fatigue Panel does just that. The sooner, one identifies and manages the risk factors, the better are the chances of leading a healthy life.

Strand Life Sciences, a leading clinical diagnostic and genomic profiling company is the only company in India to offer Blueprint for wellness reporting. The Blue Print reporting is attached with various wellness panels like the Fatigue Panel Test, a test which is comprehensive enough to screen all the vital organs of the body. There are a total of 80 parameters which are covered in this test.

The test offers to map tests and parameters for an individual over a defined time range interval. This translates to a comprehensive correlated clinical picture both for the individual and the clinician. Hence, this unique feature offers an opportunity to have a deeper insight into the clinical status for the particular individual. Moreover, the graph in the report is also colour coded: deep / bottle green – low risk, light green – moderate risk and red – high risk. The pricing is also world-class aligned with the Indian landscape.

The Fatigue Panel Test is available at Strand Life Sciences’ laboratories. There are 28 high-quality labs within 6 hour driving distance from even the farthest location giving them the maximum coverage in India across various locations. The company can now do more than 2000 tests in-house thereby reducing TAT (Total Action Time) in India.

Strand Life Sciences is a global life sciences research and clinical diagnostics company, spun off from Indian Institute of Science by four faculty members in what might be the first instance of academic entrepreneurship in the country.

The acquisition of Triesta Sciences’ Oncology-focused clinical reference laboratory services from HCG has significantly expanded the reach of Strand Life Sciences in clinical diagnostics services in the country offering clinicians one of the most comprehensive menus of standard-of-care tests in the country spanning histology, biochemistry, microbiology, haematology, flow cytometry, cytogenetics, immunohistochemistry and molecular pathology. In December 2018, Strand Life Sciences acquired the Indian operations of Quest Diagnostics. Quest India’s strong presence in the North complements Strand’s Life Sciences solid foothold in the South and the West.

As per Strand Life Sciences laboratories, it abides by strict guidelines and world standards as their labs are accredited by CAP (College of American Pathologists) and NABL (ISO 15189).