Hester plans capacity expansion for Goat Pox vaccine, to manufacture Lumpy Skin disease vaccine

The company will acquire the technology for Lumpy Skin disease vaccine from ICAR-IVRI to manufacture and commercialize the Lumpy Skin disease Vaccine

New Delhi: Hester Biosciences is undergoing capacity expansion which would be completed in January 2023. The company is preparing towards manufacturing additional quantities of the Goat Pox vaccine as well as to ensure the continuance of the manufacturing and the supply of all other vaccines against poultry, sheep, goat and cattle.
Further, ICAR-IVRI have jointly developed a Lumpy Skin Disease vaccine and as soon as the technology is made available, Hester will acquire the same and manufacture and commercialize the Lumpy Skin disease Vaccine.
Hester acquired the technology for manufacturing the Goat Pox vaccine (Uttarkashi Strain) from Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) and commercialized the vaccine on 10th November 2014. Hester currently has been supplying the Goat Pox Vaccine via respective state government tenders to immunize cattle against Lumpy Skin disease in the respective states.
Hester has also bid for the national tender for supplying Goat Pox Vaccine for immunizing cattle against Lumpy Skin disease.
Hester recognized the early signs of a potential outbreak and initiated the manufacture of vaccine quantities in anticipation of surge in demand. As a result, Hester has been able to meet the complete demand raised on it for the supply of the Goat Pox vaccine in the country.
Hester, one of the leading poultry and animal healthcare companies in India, is the second largest poultry vaccine manufacturer in India. With over 35 years of experience in the sector, Hester manufactures essential vaccines to counter several life-threatening diseases in dairy animals, small ruminants and poultry.
Hester currently has a 75% market share in PPR vaccines for Sheep and Goat, across the world. In addition, the Company has a health products portfolio comprising therapeutics, feed supplements and biosecurity.
Following the principle of “One Health”, Hester’s product portfolio is targeted towards improving the health and the immunity of poultry and animals with the core objective of better health for human beings through healthier animals.
There has been no short supply of the vaccine in any state in India and all supplies have been regularly made without any delays.