‘Hospital on wheels’ showcased at Medicall Expo

Haryana based medical company has come up with two unique emergency medical products - one is the import substitute Stretchers and the other one is the mini field hospital - mounted on a specially designed motorcycle


New Delhi: Indian innovations marked galore at the India’s largest Medical Equipment show, Medicall Expo. Here a Haryana based medical company has come up with two unique emergency medical products – one is the import substitute Stretchers and the other one is the Mini Field Hospital – mounted on a specially designed Motorcycle.

Providing details about these two products, their spokesperson disclosed that prior to April, 2018 there was no norms for and specifications for the medical stretchers. It was only from April, this year that the Government has come out with specifications for stretchers as well as ambulances and so long these two products will not comply with the specific guidelines as prescribed the Central Government the Ambulances would not be registered and the Stretchers would not be allowed to be used in any medical system, he added.

Earlier, these stretchers were mostly imported from Italy and costed in range of Rs 2.5 lakhs a unit while the domestically designed, fabricated and manufactured complying to all Government’s norms would just cost the customer just Rs 75,000 a unit and in the case of  bulk buyers the could be further reduced, their spokesman added.

The company’s second product is a highly motivated one for the rural India where one could easily reach the patient with the Mini Field Hospitals (MFH) mounted on the Motorcycles towards providing the first basic medical treatment and in 90 per cent cases the things that would be provided or kept in these MFH are sufficient for making the patient all right and in only 10 per cent cases the patient would be required to be shifted and for that case the patients relatives as well as the Doctors would be getting enough time to do so towards providing better medical facilities, added.

Global Radiography Technology customized for Indian Conditions, shown at Medicall

Kolkata based Dynamic Bio-Medical Systems has introduced two unique image viewing dynamic machines for the benefit of the Indian medical system,
said their Managing Director, Sewa Singh Dhimaan at the Medicall Expo here in the capital, He said both these equipments are imported as so far no one has been able to produce them in the country.

So far only four countries in the world is manufacturing these high resolution imaging equipment. The countries who are manufacturing them are USA, France, Germany and Japan. Even China has to import the basic component to assemble its units for its own domestic use, Dhimaan said.

He revealed that they import one such machine from Germany known as Computerized Resonance (CR) and the other one from USA known as Direct Radiography (DR). This DR system includes complete networking as the system is GPS enabled. This helps the Radiologist to personally monitor each and every case, sitting at far end and helps in speedy medication for the concerned doctors, he said.

Innovative Breast Bases for Cancer patients shown at Medicall Expo

The Indian Polymer industry has come a long way to indigenously develop
special grade non carcinogenic and non-inflammable polymers to be used in the
sensitive patient care sector. Gel Craft- a domestic company showcased a wide range of gel products at the Medicall Expo, here at the capital, on highly sensitive
patient care products ranging for the use of post operative Ophthalmic care,
head care, neck care , arms rest and foot care products.

Providing details Mr Ajay Gupta MD, Gel Craft, said for the female patients of
breast cancer they have developed a wide range of breast bases in different colors to suite their choice.

He said as some of their feet products after prolonged use lead unpleasant odour,
hence the company has developed a non alcoholic fragrance which would stay for a long period and will not interfere with any medication process.

These are all developed indigenously, lesser in cost and very effective in patient handling, he added.