IBPL & NCL Venture Center Pune launch clean energy technology initiative

The International Biotech Park Limited (IBPL) and NCL Venture Center have joined hands to work on joint initiatives towards solving various environmental problems


Pune: The International Biotech Park Limited (IBPL) and National Chemical Laboratory (NCL)’s Venture Center have initiated a joint effort with CSR support from IBPL for promoting the development and implementation of indigenous clean energy technologies, and startups working in this space. As a step in this direction, NCL Venture Center and IBPL jointly organized an event showcasing cutting-edge, indigenous clean energy technologies from India that are being implemented in India and abroad.

“One of the toughest challenges that Indian cities face today is how to speed up the adoption of clean energy technologies and innovation to help improve their own environment. The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), India’s largest publicly funded R&D organization, has recognized this challenge, and has supported laboratories developing state-of-the-art clean technologies, strengthening its position as a champion for clean energy technologies. This event is a springboard for promoting emerging indigenous technologies, innovation and products in clean and renewable energy,” said Dr Premnath, Director of the Venture Center.

The event focused on a range of topics including CEERI’s solar tree technology and CSIR-NCL’s patent protected biodiesel technology that is being piloted in Japan and US. It also highlighted the technology for industrial biogasification, being currently used at the world’s largest food waste-to-value plant at Talegaon. The plant has been set up by Venture Center incubatee, Noble Exchange.

As a part of this initiative, a solar farm is also being implemented by two of Venture Center’s incubatees. Gram oorja, a social enterprise working towards renewable energy for rural communities, is helping with the physical implementation of the project. The solar farm is also equipped with Pratiti Technologies’ remote data monitoring and logging system based on IOT under the Helios IOT brand. The newly launched solar farm also has plans of including a plug-and-play “ready to use” test rig for startups working in the area of clean energy and environment. This platform will allow entrepreneurs and startups to test multiple clean/renewable power technology ideas and prototypes under real load conditions.

Mr Prasanta K Biswal, CEO, IBPL, signed off on an encouraging note “I would like to extend my best wishes and congratulations to Venture Center. We look forward to a continued association with Venture Center, not just to promote entrepreneurship, but also to work towards solving various environmental problems. We hope to extend this collaboration to other areas such as biotechnology in the future.”