IIT Delhi startups launch affordable antiviral protection kit

This antiviral protection kit has been launched with an ambition to provide protective cover to people amid the COVID-19 pandemic

New Delhi: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi incubated startups E-TEX and Clensta have teamed up and launched a complete antiviral protection kit for the masses at an affordable price on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary. This antiviral protection kit has been launched with an ambition to provide protective cover to people amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
The antiviral kit, unveiled by Prof V. Ramgopal Rao, Director, IIT Delhi, consists of a novel Clensta protection lotion and hand sanitizer; E-TEX Kawach Antiviral T-Shirt, and Kawach Mask. The products are backed up by experts from the chemical and textile departments of IIT Delhi.
E-TEX Kawach Antiviral Garment with its antiviral fabric has been designed using advanced technology; this inhibits from hosting microbes, reduces the likelihood and speed of contaminations, transmissions by destroying micro-organisms on contact. The antimicrobial property of the garment remains effective even after 30 washes in mild condition. The finishing is done on cellulosic fibres, which is safe for human contact and on the environment.
Speaking after launching the kit, Prof Rao said, “It is indeed a proud moment for IIT Delhi to see such Indigenous technologies impacting and creating job opportunities amidst this pandemic and making India Atmanirbhar.”
Prof Bipin Kumar, Department of Textile and Fibre Engineering, IIT Delhi & Mentor, E-TEX said, “The COVID-19 pandemic is pushing for an all-time-high demand of multifunctional anti-viral and microbial apparels. Developing cost-effective bio-clothing with antiviral and antimicrobial functionalities through local resources and resilient manufacturing can deactivate the viral threats; can efficiently stop/slow the spread of the virus. Further, this will boost the local economy for textile and garment sectors.”
Clensta Protection Lotion, launched under brand name COVID-19 Protection Lotion, offers 99.9% virus protection with antiviral and antiseptic properties for up to 24 hours. The product is a breakthrough advancement in the formulation of engineering chemistry with first of its kind PAP Technology (Prolonged Antiviral Technology) to prevent bacterial, viral, and fungal infections without harming the environment and human health. Advanced Hand Sanitizer is formulated with increased alcohol retention time to be effective prevention against multiple viruses.
The product can be used over any exposed part of the body including the face and hands. The application of the product keeps users safe from viruses by disrupting it for almost 24 hours and reduces the extended use of alcohol-based sanitizers and washing hands multiple times a day. The antiviral efficacy of the Clensta lotion was conducted at different intervals of times and found to be 99.95% effective in virus protection as per American Society for Testing & Materials, says an IIT Delhi statement.
(India Science Wire)