IIT Innovation Series: Mobile unit for biogas enrichment and bottling

This Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi team has developed a mobile unit of biogas purification and bottling plant mounted on four wheeled trolley operated by a tractor


New Delhi: Team comprising Dr V K Vijay, Dr P M V  Subbarao, Dr Vandit Vijay, Dr Bhaskar Jha and Mr Dhruv at Biogas Production and Enrichment Laboratory, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi designed and developed the portable system utilizes water based carbon scrubbing technology.

The developed system is able to process 20 Nm3/h of biogas to upgrade it to natural gas quality fuel. This mobile unit of biogas purification and bottling plant can be easily transported at biogas plants sites situated in and around villages to purify the biogas and store into the CNG cylinders at 200 bar pressure.

The high pressure upgraded biogas can be easily dispensed into vehicles which have been mounted on the cascade. The upgraded biogas can be used for other applications such as power generation and cooking fuel to a grade of LPG fuel required in households as well as in industries to meet the requirement of gas combustion for various thermal applications.

The innovators say that the system is easy to handle by young entrepreneurs providing employment in rural areas and energy security. This developed system enhances the business model of biogas for its commercialization. At large, the system is able to remove the limitations of utilizing biogas at a point of generation. Such kind of system can be taken up by rural entrepreneurs having large job opportunities for semi–skilled and skilled mass of workers in villages.