Infusion Nurses Society holds its 8th national conference, discusses fresh insights & innovations

The conference was organized to impart knowledge on the importance of adopting safe infusion practices to prevent nurses and patients from potential risks


New Delhi: Keeping in line with its purpose of advancing the delivery of quality therapy to patients and focusing on safe infusion practices, Infusion Nurses Society (INS) organized their 8th National conference with the theme ‘Standard Infusion Practices – Insight and Innovations’.

The conference was organized to impart knowledge on the importance of adopting safe infusion practices to prevent nurses and patients from potential risks and also showcased some of the latest technological solutions in safe infusion therapy.

The BD Masterminds quiz launched nationwide saw participation by an unprecedented 7000 nurses nationwide. PSG Hospital, A.J.Hospital & Research Centre, Columbia Asia Hospital- Pune, Apollo Gleaneagles Hospital- Kolkata, Medanta- The Medicity Gurugram were the regional winners who represented their respective regions in the Grand finale of the BD Masterminds Quiz. Medanta- The Medicity Gurugram was declared as the national winner of the BD Masterminds Quiz.

Another highlight of the INS conference was “Skillathon”, a first-of-its-kind educational event where 24 experienced teachers imparted 8 key nursing skills related to infusion therapy to more than 600 nurses attending the conference. Some of the skills showcased were on Peripheral IV Cannulation, Blood Culture Sample Collection, Port Protection & Central Venous Access and Care, PICC Line – Insertion and Maintenance apart from safe infusion and injections.

Speaking on the occasion, Col. Binu Sharma, President-Infusion Nurses Society, India said, “A robust environment created for nurses can improve the quality of care and improve patient outcomes. Infusion Nurses Society is committed to work towards creating a safe work environment for nurses by creating awareness on Standard Infusion Practices and we shall continue to encourage them to innovate newer methods in Infusion Therapy Practice and implement INS standards.”

Dr Jothi Clara Micheal, Organizing Chairperson- 8th INS Conference 2019 added, “INS actively works in accordance with healthcare professionals to standardize infusion therapy practices in the country and continually strives towards high-quality infusion care. Patient safety is the utmost priority for every healthcare institution and by adherence to INS’s standards, nurses can reduce the risks involved assuring safer care to the community they serve. Through this conference, I urge infusion nurses to think out of the box and bring about innovation for the next generation.”

The two-day conference deliberated on an array of topics, such as Clinical integration in Safe Infusion Practices; Role of Technology in Optimizing Cost, Quality and Safety in Infusion Therapy; Standardized Safe Infusion Practices; Best Practices in Intravenous Therapy; IV Therapy Challenges leading to Innovations.

Safe infusion therapy can bring down cost for both patients and hospitals by reducing waste of resources, prevention of infection and inflammation and reduce errors, incidences, and sentinel events. With the rapid technological advances and shifts in healthcare delivery, it is vital to make healthcare professionals aware of safe practices and adequate training should be imparted to ensure complex situations are handled with ease by following key safety standards in infusion therapy.