Innoplexus ventures into cancer & neurological disorders

Two of their products under the initiative are CURIA and app for cancer patients and NEURIA an app for patients with neurological disorders

New Delhi: Innoplexus AG has launched one of the world’s largest, decentralized and Real World Data (RWD) exchange to fuel AI for patient’s health and longevity. Two of their products under this initiative are CURIA, an app for cancer patients and NEURIA, an an app for patients with neurological disorders.
The company that focuses on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain based Drug Discovery and Development claims to have 43 patents and more than 116+ patent applications.
CURIA is a mobile application developed by OncoCoin AG, a swiss-based wholly owned subsidiary of Innoplexus AG. OncoCoin, using its patented AI and blockchain technologies, structures trillions of datapoints from published and unpublished data. The information is tailored by parameters such as demographics, cancer type, stage, possible mutations, to generate most relevant insights for quick decision making.
NEURIA is a free mobile application that was developed for patients with neurological diseases to give easier access to information about specific clinical pictures around treatments, clinical studies, and specialists.
Dr. Gunjan Bhardwaj is the Founder & CEO of Innoplexus AG, a pioneer in using artificial intelligence and blockchain for drug discovery and development. His personal drive to find a cure for the deadliest cancers led him to develop CancerCoin Paca, a token platform which will democratize drug discovery for pancreatic cancer, rewarding patients and investors through an equitable token system. Gunjan is also a renowned author and speaker on the topic of drug discovery and machine learning. He was awarded 40 under 40 by the magazine Capital and Top 30 Thought Leader Award in Germany from Focus Magazine.
Mr. Ashwin Rathod is the Co-founder and Co-Ceo of OncoCoin AG. Ashwin has 14+ years of experience working in the domain of technology, AI & data science. He is educated at IIT (Bombay) in BTech & Computer Science and is also an IIM-B postgraduate. His expertise includes Entrepreneurship, fund raising, launching product POC’s to the market, scaling operations and technology.