Kerala registers 5K Covid cases daily, Centre rushes team for support

Centre rushes a high-level team to Kerala for supporting the State in public health interventions in COVID19 management

New Delhi: Kerala has been reporting very high daily new COVID cases for the past many days. A total of 35,038 new cases was logged during the last seven days. Around 5,000 new cases are added daily to the State COVID19 tally.
In such a backdrop, the Union Government has deployed a high-level Central Team headed by Dr S K Singh, Director, National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) to Kerala. The team will reach the State day on 8th January.
The team will review the public health interventions in the management of COVID- 19 by the State Government of Kerala and support the State health authorities in these measures.
  The cases added daily during the last one week are as follows:
As per the release by Health Ministry, the deputation of the teams to the various states is an ongoing effort to strengthen efforts for COVID management. These teams interact with the local authorities and get a first-hand understanding of the challenges and issues being faced by them so as to strengthen their ongoing activities and remove bottlenecks if any,