Mapmygenome selected as a ‘2016 Red Herring Top100 Global’ winner

The leading personal genomics company in India specialising in clinical genomics and molecular diagnostics, is among 100 top companies selected in Asia


Hyderabad: Hyderabad-based molecular diagnostic company, Mapmygenome has announced that it has been selected as a candidate for Red Herring’s 2016 Top 100 Global award, a prestigious recognition honoring the year’s most audacious and far-reaching private technology companies and entrepreneurs from across the globe. This follows Mapmygenome’s earlier selection into the Red Herring 100 Asia Winners.

map-my-genomeThe Red Herring editorial team selected the companies demonstrating the most innovative technologies and business models originating from over 1,000 companies from more than 40 nations. These companies, representing past Red Herring Asia, Europe and North America award winners in their respective regions, are judged on a range of qualitative and quantitative metrics, including but not limited to, technology innovation, financial performance, growth criterion, management’s execution standards, potential globalization of the strategy, and market share improvement.

“In today’s economies, the unrivaled technology ubiquity is not only disrupting how we work but also how we live and think. The vast amount of data and intellectual property combined with the innovation and disruption created by today’s entrepreneurs is touching every sector. More than 300 startups are striving in the construction field alone. The 2016 Red Herring nominees have proven that while some will worry about a bubble, there is no pause in innovation any time soon. And nothing must be taken for granted in this electoral year,” said Red Herring CEO, Alex Vieux.

“In light of everything, Mapmygenome is performing exceptionally well in its field and deserves to be singled out as one of the Red Herring Global finalists. At this stage, we are left with the daunting task to select the best qualified companies for the 2016 Top 100 Global Award,” added Mr Vieux.

Founded in January 2013, Mapmygenome started as India’s pioneering genomics company with a vision to provide “Better Health for Indians using technology.” Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, the company connects with people across the globe through its business development executives, e-tailers, Brand Affiliates, and distributors. In March 2015, Mapmygenome raised a Pre Series A round of funding from multiple investors.