Medical cost to come down with the gradual exit of TPA, says Dr Gyani at Medicall

Dr Girdhar J Gyani, Director, General, Association of Healthcare Providers (India) believes that the government is no more encouraging the involvement of third party administrators and is rather encouraging the involvement of Trusts to control medical costs. He made these remarks while inaugurating the 21st edition Medicall Expo at New Delhi


New Delhi: Inaugurating the 21st edition of the 3 day long mega show, Medicall Expo that commenced in the city on 21st September, Dr Girdhar J Gyani, Director General, Association of Healthcare Providers (India) remarked that it is the beginning of a new era towards enabling the larger section of the society to bring under the ambit of the medical coverage in the country.

Dr Gyani said that the motto of his Association is to reach the medical facilities to cover each and every individual in the country so that no one should die without a medical care.

He said in this effort Medicall Expo is proving a boon for the entire medical fraternity. The show is highlighting a number of indigenously developed products which will be in use in the hospitals and clinics in coming times. He said the wider use of such homemade medical equipment would substantially reduce the cost of medical treatment

Dr Gyani further said that they are here to promote more use of Generic medicines and in that regard the Government’s recent decision to promote Ayushman
Bharat is a welcome step.

Responding to a question on the rise in cost of medical bill following the entry of
Third Party Administrator (TPA) to that Dr Gyani said the Government realizing this is no more encouraging the involvement of TPA and is rather encouraging the involvement of Trusts. As a result, majority of States have signed agreements with such Trusts, some have gone in for the dual system of Trusts and TPA while only few have signed in with TPA. This shows the gradual decline in TPA would lead to subsequent reduction in the cost of medical expenses, he added.

The show is also acting as a nodal point to advice, guide and providing technical help to Doctors from small town and cities to establish their own hospitals. As these hospitals grow, more medical facilities would be made affordable to yearning patients.

Dr Gyani said that presently the country is manufacturing most of the medical equipment that are required and its increasing use age of them could further reduce the cost of treatment.