Medulance Healthcare & NephroPlus join hands to provide dialysis services across India

The collaboration will enable access to home hemodialysis services, dialysis on wheels services and in-center dialysis to 3 million+ users

New Delhi: Medulance Healthcare, India’s leading ambulance and paramedical services aggregator, has announced its partnership with NephroPlus, the country’s largest network of dialysis centers. The collaboration will bring easy access to high-quality, safe and affordable dialysis services across 23 states in India to more than 3 million users enrolled under MeduAlert, a corporate program by Medulance Healthcare crafted to provide timely assistance in case of dire circumstances.
Patients undergoing dialysis have a highly compromised immune system. With the mayhem unleashed by COVID-19, patient safety is at risk and a significant cause of concern. Through this collaboration, patients have the choice and liberty to opt for unique NephroPlus offerings including  – dialysis in the comfort of home, in-center or inside a specially designed ambulance.
Speaking about the partnership Mr. Pranav Bajaj, Co-Founder of Medulance, said “India currently has more than 1.5 million people suffering from end-stage renal disease which requires dialysis as the treatment. Moreover, India has resource and infrastructural limitations that pose a challenge for the patients. With this partnership we aim to provide timely assistance to patients, both COVID-19 positive and non-COVID patients undergoing dialysis across India, as per their convenience. We are hopeful that this partnership will prove beneficial to our users who are on the lookout for a convenient dialysis service.”
Elaborating on the association, Mr. Kamal Shah, Co-Founder, NephroPlus said, ”We are delighted to partner with Medulance and bring our high quality, patient-centric and protocol-driven Dialysis services to patients who use Medulance’s services. We are looking forward to solving the problems of more dialysis patients and their families in these troubled times. We are confident we will be able to address the unmet needs of those looking for dialysis at home or in a centre.”
Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), with its high prevalence, morbidity and mortality, is an important public health problem in India. Due to the lack of robust health infrastructure, a large number of patients with CKD are unable to undergo dialysis – which is a very big concern. Moreover, 1.3 billion people are served by just 1850 nephrologists who are unequally distributed but mostly concentrated in urban centers. Today, there is a dire need to address these challenges and make dialysis available to all the CKD patients. This partnership is a step towards making quality dialysis accessible to the people of India.