Menstruation is no more a taboo in India!

To help in eradicating various myths associated with the mensuration, the 1mg has come up with a highly innovative Video #ibleedred with a message to accept natural cycles without any cultural connotation


New Delhi: Menstruation has always been associated with cultural myths in India. Even though Indian society is evolving rapidly, menstruation is still considered as a taboo in India. Menstrual cycles are seen only with restrictions in home, work place and even at religious events.

To help in eradicating these myths, 1mg has come up with a highly innovative video, #ibleedred with a message to accept natural cycles without any cultural connotation. This video is widely appreciated on social media and the views are estimated to cross a million soon.

Being the most trusted healthcare app in India, 1mg believes women hygiene is of utmost priority and should not be considered as a secret anymore. It is the mindset of the society which still believes carrying a sanitary pad is unpleasant. This has not only impacted menstrual hygiene practices but has also endangered women’s health with restrictions. These kind of videos are very good in spreading massive awareness and erasing the stigma around such topics.

#ibleedred, is a concept generated within 1mg and its own team has acted in the video. There are men talking about the mindset of people towards women having periods. And the ending goes on a lighter note with a deep message around the same.

As per Tanmay Saksena, COO, 1mg, “By shunning the stigma associated with a perfectly natural biological process like menstruation, 1mg hopes to bring greater health and hygiene awareness across segments of our community where “monthly periods” are still viewed with unease. Perpetuating this “shame” has deeper ramifications on the self-confidence of women which reflects very poorly on us as a society”