Merck’s new cloud-based, remote lab water service & monitoring capability

Online service portal allows scientists to monitor lab performance with 24/7 remote access and control. Besides that it saves time and improves lab productivity with remote diagnostics and assistance


Darmstadt/New Delhi: Merck, a leading science and technology company, has announced a new cloud-based, remote lab water service and monitoring capability available on all Milli-Q® CLX 7000 clinical water purification systems. The Milli-Q Connect online service portal provides digital access to water and system data, allowing users to monitor lab performance remotely and securely.

“Scientists have come to expect the same instant connectivity in their lab as they experience in their personal lives,” said Jean-Charles Wirth, head of Applied Solutions, Life Science at Merck. “This Internet of Things technology gives our customers accessibility to view real-time system information, customized notifications and rapid online diagnostics, whether they are at the lab or at home.”

The Milli-Q® Connect system turns passive data into active, actionable information that is available remotely at any time and from anywhere. This provides a savings opportunity by streamlining the production of quality reports, which can be produced in minutes.

As per the company, other benefits include:

  • 24/7 productivity – Remote access from anywhere at any time to view real-time system information and water quality data.

  • Maximal uptime – Immediate and customized notifications; remote access and control of the water system from a secure online portal.

  • Saving time – Remote diagnostics, and potentially repair, available directly through web-based portal.

  • Easier data traceability – Automatic data backup and rapid retrieval via Milli-Q® Connect platform simplifies audit preparation and lab accreditation.

Merck service personnel have highlighted the value and convenience of the remote diagnostics and assistance feature of Milli-Q® Connect.

“We received a customer call from a remote hospital reporting an issue with their auto-analyzers, which was possibly due to the water quality,” said Ricardo Rodriguez, field service engineer at Merck. “Using Milli-Q® Connect, I connected to their system and, by phone, was able to provide the customer with precise guidance on how to rectify the issue. Doing this by phone provided a significant time savings both to our business and to our customer.”