Weekend Special: Monsoon Guide for Hygienic and Health Living!

Read the below contributory article by Ms Kanchan Naikawadi, Preventive Healthcare Specialist, Indus Health Plus, to know about the do's and don'ts of healthcare during the monsoon season


New Delhi: Monsoon is surely a big relief from the scorching heat of summer and it’s the time to welcome the most awaited season of the year. But monsoon brings its own set of problems, out breaking of the diseases through contaminated food, water, mosquitoes etc.

Hygiene becomes one of the major problems to cope with in the monsoon season. The Monsoon driven diseases spread mainly through stagnant water which is one of the main cause for breeding of mosquitoes. Due to this, many dreadful diseases surface in this season: Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid, Cholera, Hepatitis A and Diarrhea.

Starting from the street food to the food cooked at home, nothing is safe if not protected and taken care of.This is the time of the year when fresh foods, fruits and the vegetables are most in demand. Unhygienic habits lead to skin infections caused by bacteria due to high moisture content in the air, wetness and other things.

Some of the protective measures to maintain hygiene are as follows:

  1. Keeping antiseptic liquids handy to stay away from germs
  2. Taking a bath every time after getting wet in the rain helps in normalizing the body temperature
  3. Sipping warm water helps to keep the body hydrated
  4. The herbal/green tea with ginger pepper and honey works as a natural medicine
  5. Avoiding the outside food which involves huge risks of food poisoning and gives rise to other diseases
  6. Avoid food or water which has been kept unattended for long
  7. Using of insect repellent, mosquito nets and pest control if living in the areas that are prone to high number of vector borne infection
  8. Stay well covered while travelling
  9. Consuming seasonal fruits is advisable
  10. Exercise regularly
  11. Drinking pure water by boiling or filtering it
  12. Keep an extra clothes at your workplace which can be replaced with the wet clothes
  13. Educating others to keep the environment, work place, home sanitized and clean

There is an urgent need for people to keep their immediate surroundings and oneself clean by doing small things which balances the good mood and neat happy environment. These changes will prevent them from falling sick.

Happy Monsoon!