Mr Milkman ventures into B2B product ecosystem with DMS in India

By automating demand generation and optimizing order fulfilment, DMS will enhance the distribution process and effectively eliminate wastage and inefficiencies for the agriculture, food and beverages industries

Gurgaon: Mr Milkman, India’s leading SaaS platform, empowering dairies and milk brands, has ventureed into the B2B ecosystem for agriculture, food, and beverage product categories with the launch of their innovative and comprehensive platform – Distribution Management Solution (DMS).
The groundbreaking solution aims to revolutionize supply chain operations, not limited to the dairy industry but also expanding into the food, beverage and agribusiness industries. DMS is designed to eliminate unnecessary wastage and inefficiencies by automating demand generation, order tracking, and optimizing fulfilment.
In India, the distribution of perishable goods, specifically food products, milk, and value-added items, from company warehouses to end customers, distributors and retailers is a complex process that involves various intermediaries at different stages. Even the Indian dairy industry, which is the world’s largest milk producer, faces numerous challenges, such as low productivity, poor milk quality, and inefficient supply chain management. According to a report by ASSOCHAM and MRSS, approximately 3% of the annual milk production in India goes to waste due to inadequate supply chain management. And despite the increasing digital advancements worldwide, over 80% of dairy farms still rely on manual methods to handle their operations.
Mr Milkman has developed DMS as a one-stop dynamic work system that offers three primary software components – Business Portal, Distributor App, and Field App that are designed to optimize and enhance the entire distribution process for the agriculture, food, and beverage industry.
It is a necessity to have accurate and timely information for dairy and agribusinesses to identify shrinkage, improve margins, and make informed decisions. Traditional systems often lack real-time visibility into distribution operations. To address this, the Business Portal in the DMS serves as a feature-rich analytical platform for business owners to get real-time monitoring and reporting insights into the distribution system, order status, delivery schedules, and product movement. companies can now track key performance indicators and make data-backed business decisions.
The solution eliminates the long-standing pain point of manual work. The dashboard helps automate manual processes such as Excel-based data entry and reporting. This minimizes the risk of errors and allows the employees to focus on more strategic tasks.
The Distributor App is designed specifically for distributors. Its primary objective is to optimize and automate the ordering process by allowing distributors to create, modify, and process orders directly with the company in real-time. The app provides access to critical data, manages workflows and facilitates smooth communication between the company and the distributor. Moreover, to enhance convenience, the app also incorporates multiple payment gateways, offering distributors greater flexibility in choosing their preferred payment options.
Lastly, the Field App enables field agents to manage routes, deliveries, and customer information on the go. The app allows the field agent to streamline his/her day-to-day operations based on location, items, and payment status and also allows them to add sales. It also aids in tracking reverse logistics, leakages, and wastages, significantly reducing dependence on manual record-keeping and minimising human errors.
“DMS is a revolutionary supply and distribution management system for businesses. Our goal is to deliver unparalleled advantages by streamlining the supply chain and enhancing operational efficiencies for the agriculture, food, and beverages industry,” stated Mr. Samarth Setia, Co-Founder and CEO of Mr. Milkman.
He further adds, “Being the leading SaaS platform for dairy businesses, we have a deep understanding of the supply chain challenges. Expanding into the B2B segment was a natural progression, driven by our extensive knowledge of the dairy industry, where perishability is a critical concern.” He expressed optimism, stating, “We are optimistic about the industry adopting the solution and benefiting from it.”