National Doctors’ Day: Sun Pharma’s ‘Sunkalp’ initiative for doctors & their families

As a special tribute, announces various initiatives for the welfare of doctors, their families and the community

New Delhi: Doctors have been working relentlessly through the pandemic putting their lives at risk to safeguard society. To recognize their efforts and care for their health and well-being, Sun Pharma has announced the launch of a special initiative ‘Sunkalp’ for the welfare of doctors, their families and the community on the occasion of National Doctors’ Day,
These multifaceted initiatives under Sunkalp will be rolled out in a phased manner including Mental health support for doctors and their families, Webinars for doctors on mental health by experts; Donation of Covid-19 medicines (phase 2); Post Doctorate educational sponsorship (phase 2); and Educational aid for children of doctors who lost their lives to Covid-19 (phase 2).
Sun Pharma has committed Rs. 100 crores towards these initiatives, which includes donation of Covid-19 medicines to communities at large through local & state government institutions. For more than a year, doctors have been fighting the pandemic to save lives. Long stressful working hours, witnessing casualties and maintaining distance from loved ones have become normal for them. These factors can result in stress & exhaustion not only for them but also for their families. To help them cope with the same, Sun Pharma has partnered with Mann Talks to provide doctors and their families with confidential emotional and psychological care by trained mental health professionals. Further, to educate doctors on mental health issues & enable them to take better self-care, multiple webinars will be held by experts.
Kirti Ganorkar, CEO – India Business, Sun Pharma, said“Indian healthcare professionals have faced unprecedented challenges during the pandemic, and their determination to fight against all odds inspires us every day. Sunkalp is a tribute to these heroes for their selfless acts of sacrifice and kindness. Through this initiative, we want to extend our gratitude to them and contribute to strengthening the healthcare ecosystem.”
The pandemic outbreak has affirmed the need for more medical research to meet unforeseen situations. To encourage research, Sun Pharma will sponsor postgraduate medical students for medical and clinical research in various fields. More than 1000 young scholars will receive grantsfor their research projects.
To pay homage to doctors who have lost their lives to Covid-19, Sun Pharma is setting up an Education Fund for their children. The company will provide educational grants to the affected families through this fund.
Sun Pharma has launched a website, that gives more details on the initiatives under Sunkalp.
The Sunkalp initiative is restricted to India.