Navia launches Smart EMR, redefines doctors’ conventional prescription methods

Aims to digitize doctors’ conventional practices and capture a user-base of 25000+ doctors and 3 million patients in the next 12 months

Gurugram: Navia Life Care has recently launched Navia Smart EMR 2.0 with an aim to advance and digitize doctors’ practice with digital prescriptions. The product is an advanced version of Navia Smart EMR – an integrated platform that allows doctors to create digital prescriptions and provides real-time conversation with patients.
Navia Life Care is one of the leading and most trusted brands among doctors in India. With more than 8000 doctors from across 400 cities, the innovative health-tech company evolves the conventional practices of doctors. Furthermore, over 72 percent of patients prefer Digital Prescriptions compared to paper ones. This helps Navia to leverage opportunities to digitize doctors’ practices for their operational efficiency and better patient outcomes.
“After working with 1000s of doctors for the last 3-4 years and driving lots of insights from them, we started working on Navia Smart EMR 2.0. It took us almost 1 year to bring this product to market which involves testing the product with users at each stage. The Navi Smart EMR is a tailor-made product made in line with user behaviour and user needs. We are really excited to launch this product,” said Kunal Kishore Dhawan.
Navia Smart EMR 2.0 boasts advanced features that offer single-click access to a patient’s medical and family history to doctors. This results in providing up-to-date and complete health information about the patients for more coordinated and efficient care. Integrated with Artificial Intelligence, the product provides effective clinical decision support. Further, it provides faster Rx and also saves commonly used Rx as templates and repeat with a click.
The newly launched version of the product has Whatsapp integration that also enables doctors to share educational videos and prescriptions with patients for effective care. Additionally, the product leverages new-age technologies and analytics to track the practice with readymade reports at fingertips like OPD Highlights, VC Highlights, Prescription insights, etc. With Smart EMR 2.0, doctors also get free 500 SMS for enhanced patient engagement.
Navia Smart EMR 2.0 is based on licensing models with an annual subscription fee chargeable from doctors, hospitals, institutions, and enterprises such as pharma and insurance. Moreover, it is available in 10 regional languages to acquire an expansive base of doctors across the country. With superior and rich features, Navia Life Care plans to onboard 25000+ new doctors and 3 million patients in the next 12 months.