Now DBT’s institutes to provide open access to equipments at minimal charges

In a major step that has addressed the long time pending demand of researchers from both academia and industry, the Department of Biotechnology has opened up its affiliated research institutes for providing access to various infrastructure facilities under SAHAJ programme

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New Delhi: The lack of access to quality equipment in the past has stifled the otherwise great ideas of many researchers who intended to do quality work. There have been instances where the instruments worth crores have laid unused in an institute due to obsolete rules. Meanwhile, young scientists at startups or universities used to lose lot of time struggling to get access to the infrastructure that was generally barred for so called outsiders.

However, that is soon going to change. In a step that has cheered up the research community, the Department of Biotechnology has granted access to its research resources and facilities supported across the country, by way of Scientific Infrastructure Access for Harnessing Academia University Research Joint Collaboration, (SAHAJ).

Each DBT autonomous institute and DBT supported infrastructure programme will make available its high end equipments and infrastructure to research institutes, universities, colleges and startups or individual entrepreneurs. Their respective websites shall reflect infrastructure facility usage forms with well defined usage charges terms and conditions.

As per DBT, the details of the application procedure can be accessed at the respective websites of the Institutes hosting these facilities. The usage of course comes with a cost but is surely at its lowest. The facilities that are available can be checked in detail here: Facility User Details