OMRON Healthcare partners initiative to build awareness around hypertension

The global campaign aimed at raising awareness about blood pressure measurement and management has been conceived by the International Society of Hypertension. It is facilitated in India by Public Health Foundation of India, Indian Council of Medical Research and Indian Medical Association

New Delhi: OMRON Healthcare, world leader in digital BP monitoring, has collaborated with the global initiative May Measurement Month, in India, to spread awareness about intelligent management of blood pressure.  Conceived by the International Society of Hypertension, the initiative is being facilitated in India by Public Health Foundation of India, Indian Council of Medical Research and Indian Medical Association.
With May being the World Hypertension Month and hypertension emerging as one of the most common lifestyle diseases -expected to end up as en epidemic in near future – the initiative aims to highlight the need for regular monitoring among the society at large by engaging key opinion leaders – doctors, healthcare professionals, policy makers, institutes – at national and state level to educate and empower them to contribute towards its effective management.
Throughout the month of May, healthcare professionals, local associations, medical institutes & doctors across 50 locations in India are coming on a uniform forum to talk about the perils caused due to high blood pressure; they are highlighting the need of regular blood pressure monitoring/screening by giving live demonstrations on Omron Digital BP Monitors and are also providing counselling on healthy living and regular BP monitoring.
Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Hisao Masuda, Managing Director, OMRON Healthcare India stated, “The prevalence of hypertension has increased over the years in the millennial and the need to address it should be prioritised. A recent study has estimated that around 300 million in India alone are affected with Hypertension.  More than 90% of these 300 million don’t use a blood pressure monitor for monitoring it regularly which is alarming. OMRON is committed to strengthen awareness on the disease and its effective management by enhancing know-how and accessibility to our hi-tech blood pressure monitoring equipment. This will help patients and doctors manage their condition better and, in the long run, shall be of great help for doctors, Government and medical bodies to address the growing incidences in a more structured manner. We are honoured to be a part of this awareness initiative with the Government and industry bodies.”
Today’s high stress levels, work-life and sedentary lifestyles are the root causes for high blood pressure leading to hypertension. It is a silent killer, if undetected. It manifests quietly leading to cardiac attack, strokes and untimely death. Hence regular monitoring/screening of sugar levels, blood pressure is imperative.