OPPI launches Bharat Ke Liye, reinforces commitment to improving health outcomes

The strategic initiative aims to celebrate the legacy of the global pharma industry in India, with a strong partnership with the nation spanning over 100 years

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New Delhi: The Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India (OPPI) has launched an initiative, Bharat Ke Liye, an initiative that encapsulates the essence of its commitment towards enabling a healthier India through innovative solutions.
The global pharma industry has played a critical role in decreasing India’s disease burden, strengthening the country’s healthcare ecosystem, and improving the quality of life of its citizens. With this as the underlying thought, the idea of the Bharat Ke Liye initiative was born.
The strategic initiative aims to celebrate the legacy of the global pharma industry in India, with a strong partnership with the nation spanning over 100 years. It highlights OPPI’s renewed strategy to reinforce its commitment to India now and in the future. It will underscore the significant contributions made by OPPI member companies in areas such as pharmaceutical research and development, upholding industry quality standards, manufacturing, supply chain, and patient concern & care, among others.
Speaking about the initiative, Suresh Pattathil, President, OPPI and GM AbbVie India said, “The global pharmaceutical industry has been an essential part of India’s healthcare system for decades, and OPPI members have been at the forefront of bringing innovative medicines to patients in India. With the ‘Bharat Ke Liye’ approach, we hope to showcase the positive impact of the pharma industry in India and build a more informed and collaborative healthcare ecosystem. As OPPI, we are converging, collaborating, and co-creating with the government and other stakeholders to foster a brighter future for [email protected].”
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As part of this approach, OPPI will focus on 4 critical pillars- enabling access, driving innovation, supporting health systems, and committing strategic investments. Access and innovation have always been the two key driving factors for progress in healthcare. The OPPI members, that represent the global research based pharmaceutical companies, look forward to not only bringing novel therapies to market, but also to exploring new and sophisticated approaches on enhancing access to patients. The members will continue their focus on bringing innovative solutions for unmet medical needs and R&D; all in an effort to improve the quality of care and access to healthcare. There will be a renewed focus on strengthening healthcare systems through stronger government collaborations and greater strategic investments to address healthcare issues that are most pressing.
“Our member companies are dedicated to advancing scientific research and innovation, which is crucial for addressing the complex healthcare challenges facing India. Since pre-independence, we’ve partnered with India to eradicate many diseases, address many epidemics, and lessen the country’s disease burden together. The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the critical role of the pharma industry in ensuring public health and safety. The launch of ‘Bharat Le Liye’ is a reaffirmation of our commitment to accelerate progress towards achieving Healthcare for All”, said Vivek Sehgal, Director General, OPPI.
Through ‘Bharat Ke Liye’, OPPI will also aim to address some of the common misconceptions and concerns about the pharma industry and its role in India’s healthcare ecosystem.