Parexel expands patient access to clinical trials through new community alliance network

Alliances with CVS Health and Javara further embed clinical research into the community healthcare setting, expanding access to patient populations across the U.S to increase diversity in clinical trials

New Delhi: Parexel, a leading global clinical research organization (CRO), has announced the launch of its Community Alliance Network, a novel program further integrating clinical research into the community healthcare setting to better serve patients and in turn create further opportunity for increased diversity in clinical trials.
CVS Health®, the leading health care solutions company, and Javara, the leading Integrated Research Organization, have joined the network as inaugural members, opening the door to community based research sites and increasing access to new patient populations to support trial delivery for Parexel’s biopharmaceutical customers.
“For too long, clinical research has been siloed in small pockets of the healthcare system,” said Clare Grace, PhD, Chief Patient Officer at Parexel.
“Not only has this slowed therapeutic innovation, it has limited patient access to clinical research as a care option. Providing patients more opportunities to access and participate in clinical research — through their physician’s office, in CVS MinuteClinics® within designated HealthHUB® locations, or through traditional academic sites or hospitals — is a critical and strategic decision. Parexel is leading the way in providing access to the 95 percent of patients who don’t currently participate in research to design clinical trials that revolve around the patient,” added Grace.
Over the last 10 years, Parexel has built its Site Alliance Network with more than 500 of the top clinical research institutions and 21,000 principal investigators across 20+ countries with diverse site staff and patient populations across all therapeutic areas. The company’s Community Alliance Network builds on these efforts through alliances with healthcare and research organizations that have close relationships with and proximity to patients who previously had no or little ability to participate in clinical research.
“The traditional research delivery model does not effectively connect the majority of patients to clinical trial opportunities as part of a patient’s routine healthcare experience, and as a result, only a small percentage are currently aware of research as a potential care option,” said Jennifer Byrne, Chief Executive Officer at Javara.
“Parexel’s Community Alliance Network aligns perfectly with Javara’s mission to advance access to clinical research as a care option by connecting with patients through the healthcare organizations and physicians they already know and trust. It is a privilege to join this program as an inaugural member to further bridge the gap between clinical research and clinical care and bring trials to those who need them most,” Byrne said.
“By joining the Community Alliance Network, we can continue to bring healthcare solutions to consumers within the communities where they live and work,” said Tony Clapsis, SVP and General Manager of CVS Health’s Clinical Trial Services™.
“With our community presence across the U.S., we’re able to accelerate access to clinical trials, and at the same time help to address longstanding issues with recruitment and diversity,” Clapsis added.