Poverty-related mycobacterial diseases require better tools: Dr GP Talwar

In his oration Dr. G. P. Talwar, Director Research, Talwar Research Foundation, New Delhi emphasized that for delivery of high utility products we need a mission-oriented research approach

New Delhi: CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow celebrated the 81st CSIR Foundation Day Celebrations on September 29, 2022. On this occasion, renowned scientists, Dr. G. P. Talwar, Director-Research, Talwar Research Foundation graced the occasion as chief guest.
Dr Talwar who was the founding director of National institute of Immunology, New Delhi, delivered the Foundation Day Lecture on “Mission oriented Research to Develop Products of High Utility”.
In his oration, Dr Talwar emphasized that for delivery of high utility products we need a mission-oriented research approach. Using the example of Immuno-therapeutic vaccine developed for multi bacillary leprosy, he explained how this MIP (Mycobacterium indicus pranii) is serving its purpose through faster bacterial clearance and shorten recovery time.
Leprosy still represents significant public health challenges, especially in low- and lower middle-income countries. This poverty-related mycobacterial diseases require better tools to improve disease control. MIP can do the drastic changes on the ugly scars to normal and relapse rate is also very low in MIP vaccinated patients.
Director, CSIR-CDRI, Dr. Radha Rangarajan welcomed the guests on the occasion and talked about the CSIR’s significant contribution to the growth of Indian science and industry and in nation building.
On the occasion of CSIR Foundation Day-2022 celebrations at the CSIR-CDRI, Dr. Atul Goel, Dr. Divya Singh and their team received prestigious Dr. Mridula Kamboj Award for the year 2022 for the discovery and development of the technology entitled “A Novel Orally Active Fracture Healing Drug Candidate S-007-1500: From Lead Identification to Phase-I clinical Trial”.
The Chief Scientist and Project leader Dr Atul Goel informed that there is no oral FDA approved drug available in the market worldwide. Our pre-clinical studies with S-007-1500 have shown 40-50% accelerated bone regeneration at fracture site with good bone strength.  CDRI has received Phase-I clinical trial approval from CDSCO and the technology of S-007-1500 has been successfully transferred by Dr. Goel to Troikaa Pharmaceuticals Limited, Ahmedabad for conducting Phase-I clinical Trial at KGMU, Lucknow early next year.