Roche Diagnostics advocates preventive healthcare to minimise impact from comorbidities in COVID-19 times

Preventive healthcare, regular lab investigations key to overall health, say the experts

Mumbai: Roche Diagnostics India recently held a discussion on the need for holistic preventive healthcare management, including timely lab investigations for people to manage life in COVID-19 times.
Dr Sandeep Sewlikar, Medical and Scientific Affairs Head, Roche Diagnostics India, “The lockdown and the fear of COVID-19 infections has deferred regular health check-ups, especially amongst the population with co-morbidities. However, they are the same group of people who are at a higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19. Additionally, people with weakened immune system are also at increased risk. We are aware of multiple published reports that narrate the adverse impact of Covid-19 on physical, social and mental wellbeing. Hence, now more than ever, there is a need for preventive healthcare and steps towards boosting immunity.”
Dr Usha Sriram, Head of the department, Diabetes and Endocrinology, Tag center, VHS, Chennai said, “Importance of preventive health check-up becomes crucial during the current times. It is very important to eat healthy, stay active, sleep well and take less stress. Keeping a constant check on health helps people remain aware of various parameters that could play a role in minimising the risk of infection, especially for people with Hypertension, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases. We have learnt that the severity and morbidity of COVID-19 symptoms and consequences increase for people with these health ailments. Hence, it is crucial for patients with co-morbidities to seek the support of preventive health based diagnostic tests in consultation with their physicians to manage their condition.”
Dr Anil Handoo, Senior Director, BLK Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi, “The lockdown has modified our lifestyle and driven us towards an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise due to long hours indoors. In this context, it is important for all of us to return to undertaking routine health check-ups, while we make lifestyle and dietary changes. I would advise to remain connected with your physicians and provide them with results of some key tests like CBC, HbA1c, Lipid profile, Vitamin D, thyroid tests, liver function tests, kidney function tests and Vitamin B12, so that they may make informed decisions on enabling your health. Many hospitals and labs have currently regularised preventive health check services, to enable access to diagnostic solutions. Regular lab investigations cannot just prevent a person against severe COVID-19 related consequences but also against morbidity due to any other health ailment.”
With regular lab, investigations-based care, one can improve their body composition, blood lipid profile, improve blood glucose and maintain blood pressure within normal limits. It also helps in improving physical function and mobility.
“Roche Diagnostics India has always been at the forefront of enabling patients’ access to quality diagnostic solutions, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic times,” said Dr Handoo while adding, “Preventive healthcare has the potential to reduce the pressure on the already burdened healthcare system. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic encourages the need for a paradigm shift from curative to preventive healthcare.”