Should the role of education be limited only to hang on to some job?

What you intended to do once and what you really do now, makes hell of a difference to your career! Being at right place and doing the right thing, paves way for expressing best talent


Education is important for knowledge and that can possibly be one of the options for a job but not in its entirety. Reason is that there are many exceptions that are much talented in music or sports from childhood.  So, how will we identify them in a culture where only classroom based bookish education rules the roost?

Think career not just a job

A job is something where you spend specific hours of a day or night to finish given tasks that fetch you money. Now whether it brings you fame and recognition is a career. So isn’t the bigger picture much better?

But the reality is that most of students in our country are bothered about doing something and earning in return. We cannot blame them for thinking so as the existing system works that way. Peer pressure, societal competition, fear from teachers etc are the factors that make or break us.

Every person is born with certain skillsets. To identify them too is not so difficult but who will do that is the big question. Either a teacher or parent, there has to be someone. Otherwise if a student himself gains knowledge about his skills, he will be then called a self-made man or woman. But that is one in million cases.

So, the right career is important instead of just a job.  Skills are best expressed in a situation when one is happy and that will only come from a career chosen by the person and not by anyone else.

Values keep you rooted

I once heard a renowned so called mythologist cum management guru saying that in real life, there must be no serious worship of any religious figure. Yet he feels that one can use these though in attaining corporate success. But isn’t the life too a myth then? Today’s life is tomorrow’s myth. Sad but reality! Likewise we seem to have given up values too mistaking these too be cheaper than the job we love too much.  And mythologist ain’t complaining! He got a job in hand to use the best quotes and situations from past to help you climb corporate ladders. But where are the values?

These values are plain and simple such as sticking to basic level humbleness, ethos, discipline and character.  Might sound boring but could ease us out of many complex issues. Remembering bigger truth and that is we have to die too can keep us grounded. But keeping that without any negative feeling is difficult. One, who learns to remain positive despite knowing it, is the person who can walk down the rough street of corporate hiccups and yet come unscathed.

Making right moves based on one’s interest and belief in certain set of values could lead us towards a successful career and a contented life respectively.  So, always care for bigger picture in longer run rather than some routine job that you may choose to do for different reasons.