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Cultivating Change: A Call for Rational Reforms in Agriculture

By implementing a combination of rational and promotional policies, India can unlock the potential of its agricultural sector, writes Sandeep Sabharwal

The Future of Food Security: Digital Tech Interventions Can Change India’s...

Farm machinery is expanding, getting better and producing more. This is because of the role technology plays in creating a digital public infrastructure enabling more effective cultivation of larger areas, says Anjami Nayyar 

Agri Suraksha transforms commodity warehouses management, claims SLCM

The adoption of ‘AgriSuraksha’ through solar-run cameras has the potential to reshape the agricultural landscape, and Stakeholders must join to make it an integral part of the agricultural supply chain

Drone tech can transform agriculture by reducing post-harvest losses by up...

These losses, valued at approximately Rs. 13,300 crores ($1.8 billion) according to ICAR, stem from spoilage, inadequate storage facilities, inefficient transportation, and limited market access

Mankind Agritech & ITC forge strategic collaboration to elevate Indian agriculture

This partnership is aimed at enhancing agricultural productivity, support farmers’ livelihoods and help strengthen the nation’s agricultural sector.

Odisha women entrepreneurs boost student nutrition in 55 schools with millet...

Committed to a monthly production of 1,200 kg for each product, the millet processing unit provides cost-effective and nutritious meals to children aged 5-15

Absolute awarded grant from Xamahar-Assam AgriFin Fund supported by World Bank

Through this grant, UPAJ will deploy targeted technology and financial solutions, including precision advisory, agri-finance and insurance, across livestock, fisheries, and horticulture sectors

The rise of agri-tech is a safeguard for Indian agriculture

Technology can help to offset productivity and profitability losses in food value chains, writes Aneesh Jain, Founder & CEO, Gram Unnati

ICAR celebrates its 95th Foundation & Technology Day

In order to encourage innovations in agriculture, forty selected technologies will also be released, and the developers will also get recognition

International hostel facility inaugurated at Indian Agriculture Research Institute

The hostel can accommodate 504 students and includes 400 single bedded rooms; 56 single bedded rooms with bathroom and kitchen; and 48 family apartments