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Synthetic biology has vast potential across industries: GlobalData report

GlobalData’s latest report, “Synthetic Biology,” highlights numerous industries, including agriculture, consumer, energy, food, healthcare, industrial materials, mining, packaging, and technology, that will be impacted

BioVoice eMagazine November & December 2023 | Issue 11 | Volume...

The Cover Story profiles India’s 10 Trailblazing MedTech Startups that hold a promising future ahead. Read interviews of Dr Sanjib Banerjee, COO, Veeda Clinical Research and Thomas Newcomer, VP, Samsung Bioepis. Startup Special features BramhAnsh Technologies, Bengaluru. Expert Insights by Raghavan Sampathkumar, ED, FSII and Navjot Singh,ED, Trivitron Healthcare.

BhoomiSeva’s Healthy Soil, Healthy People movement creating remarkable impact

This holistic approach is a shining example of the power of collaboration, social responsibility, and sustainable practices in creating a brighter and healthier future for all

Krishi 24/7, the first-ever AI-powered solution for automated agri news monitoring...

The portal addresses the need for an efficient mechanism to identify and manage agricultural news articles of interest to aid timely decision-making

Agriculture sector banking on 800 climate-resilient products to mitigate climate change’s...

The Indian Council of Agricultural Research has developed more than 800 climate-resilient varieties to counter the change in climate patterns

Sericulture in India: The Past, Present and Future

The cultivation of silkworms for the production of silk has a long history in India and continues to be an important industry

Veeda engages with life sciences startups for Phase 1 trial solutions

The registered participants at the Phase 1 symposium featured life sciences start-up companies from healthcare, biopharma, industrial biotech, agriculture, and med-tech fields.

New research decodes Pearl Millet’s climate resilience & nutritional secrets

Pearl millet, a climate-resilient grain, serves as a lifeline to over ninety million people in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa

BioVoice eMagazine October 2023 | Issue 10 | Volume 4

The Cover Story analyzes the launch of Global Biofuel Alliance at G20 Summit with Expert Insights by Dr Syed Shams Yazdani, Group Leader, ICGEB-New Delhi. Read a series of power-packed interviews featuring Raghav Priyadarshi, CEO, Savikalpa Sciences; Amit Gandhi, CBO,; and Anuj Kumbhat, CEO, WRMS. Startup Special story features Mumbai based HaystackAnalytics.

ICRISAT signs agreement to join One CGIAR partnership

Integrated partnership delivers science and innovation for a food- and nutrition-secure future