Monday, July 4, 2022
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Ben-Gurion University launches M.D. Program in Global Health

The program offers a capstone experience in which students spend eight weeks in a global health rotation

Did COVID lockdowns make us fat? Israeli scientists try to understand...

Researchers simulate in mice an acute decline in exercise, as many people experienced during Covid19 lockdowns, to study its metabolic consequences

New drug candidates for Parkinson’s offer promise to impede disease progression

To study this possibility, the scientists genetically engineered mouse brains to reduce BMP5/7 signaling in dopamine-producing brain cells. Confirming their suspicion, reduced BMP5/7 signaling indeed leads................

Ben-Gurion University, Israel to establish agricultural research institute in India

BGU is among the world leaders in the field of desert agriculture and water-related research and will be consulting regarding the establishment, development, launch and operation of the joint Academic Research Institute...................